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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 8 Recap

Yingxin colludes with Tantai Minglang and wants to frame Tantai Jin, and Tantai Jin gives Yingxin the drug as a plan, but the comatose Yingxin is taken away by Manager Wu and humiliated, and has been insane ever since. Tantai Jin swore that he would never let anyone who abused him or who wanted to kill him, including Ye Xiwu.

Because of Tantai Jin’s escape, King Sheng punished the Ye family, sent Ye Xiao to the Sanju Department for detention, and ordered Ye Qingyu to find Tantai Jin as soon as possible to clear the Ye family of the suspicion of indulging protons. He even gave Ye Qingyu an order that he would rather kill by mistake than let Tantai Jin leave Shengguo.

Twenty white feathers came to deliver food to Ye Xiwu, and Ye Xiwu knocked him unconscious while the other party was unprepared. It turned out that before Jin Lan’an found Ye Xiwu again, and released the spell to untie the rope, she hoped that Ye Xiwu could escape as much as possible. Lan An ordered his subordinates to capture the demon pills to replenish Tantai Jin’s strength. She came to visit Tantai Jin who had absorbed the demon pills. The feeling of planning.

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 8 Recap

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