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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 6 Recap

Although Ye Xiwu promised to teach Tantai Jin how to draw spells, she didn’t intend to teach him how to draw spells, but she simply taught him some spells so that he could wander around the world while staying in a square inch. Ye Xiwu joined hands with Tantai Jin to watch different scenery and taught him the way of ruthlessness. Although he is a cultivator of immortals, Li Susu, who was once an immortal, naturally discovered that Tantai Jin does not have immortal roots, and no matter how he practices in this life, he will never become an immortal.

Tantai Jin concentrated on learning to draw talismans without any distractions, but Ye Xiwu was so sleepy that he fell asleep. Tantai Jin woke up Ye Xiwu and continued to teach himself how to draw talismans. In order to let him rest, Ye Xiwu simply drew the fairy-binding talisman Tie up Tantai Jin, while she fell asleep holding Tantai Jin. Seeing Ye Xiwu sleeping in his arms, Tantai Jin unexpectedly comprehended the spells he had learned.

King Sheng investigated the root cause of Xiao Lin’s wedding rebellion, and learned that the blood crow was the totem of King Jing’s family, and Tantai Jin was also present on the day of the wedding banquet. It was rumored that the Yiyue tribe could communicate and control birds and beasts. Since it was always a hidden danger, King Sheng ordered his subordinates to kill Tantai Jin secretly.

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 6 Recap

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