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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 5 Recap

Tantai Jin realizes that he can gain the power of monsters, and he plans to change his life. At this time Ye Xiwu came to visit Tantai Jin, Tantai Jin wanted to use Li Susu to test his own strength, but when he saw the wound on Ye Xiwu’s palm, he remembered that in the dream Ye Xiwu took away the dagger that he committed suicide , then gave up the idea of ​​killing her. In order to make Tantai Jin no longer want to commit suicide as in a dream, Ye Xiwu planned to show affection and reason to him.

Pang Yizhi saw Xiao Lin’s mind and knew that he was in love with Ye Bingshang, but if he married the daughter of General Ye, who held the military power in his capacity as the Sixth Highness Xiao Lin, he would probably attract a lot of suspicion. At this time Ye Bingshang woke up, Xiao Lin hurried to visit, Ye Bingshang experienced the catastrophe of the dream monster, and told Xiao Lin’s heart, but Xiao Lin also responded that he liked Ye Bingshang, and promised to give Ye Bingshang Bingshang has an upright name.

In order to make Tantai Jin happy, Ye Xiwu brought Tantai Jin to visit Ye Bingshang. At this time, Xiao Lin happened to meet the two of them. Xiao Lin invited Ye Xiwu to talk alone. Having recognized his feelings for Ye Bingshang, Ye intends to ask His Majesty for a marriage, and also hopes that Ye Xiwu can recognize the reality. Ye Xiwu, who was already Li Susu at this time, couldn’t explain the past of falling in love with Xiao Lin, so he could only promise that the two of them would be innocent and have nothing to do with each other in the future. Xiao Lin also told Ye Xiwu that Tantai Jin is the proton of Jing Guo, and his life is related to the state of the country.

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 5 Recap

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