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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 4 Recap

Tantai Jin witnessed his mother, Yue Ruanruan, marrying Tantai Jinwuji for the sake of the clan. At first, the couple loved and lived in harmony, and Yue Ruanruan became pregnant. However, the child was difficult to deliver, and Yue Ruanruan asked to keep the child before she died, but she died of dystocia in the end. Tantai Wuji hated Tantai Jin for taking away his favorite woman, and it was because Yue Ruanruan’s maid pleaded that Tantai Wuji kept Tantai Jin’s life, but also allowed her maid Yingxin and Lan An to take Tantai Wuji with her. Taijin fends for itself in the palace.

Tantai Wuji hated the existence of Tantai Jin, and abandoned the name he had prepared for the child in advance, and only gave him the cursed name Jin. Meng Yao found someone who was awake and took Tantai Jin away. Mengyao found that Tantai Jin couldn’t fall asleep because he had no emotions, so he couldn’t feel the seven emotions and six desires. But Meng Yao found a trace of weakness in Tantai Jin from the dream just now, and this weakness can also make it fall asleep for the flower of nightmare to bloom.

Li Susu, who fell into a dream, saw Lan An and Yingxin find Tantai Jin, and in order to take care of Tantai Jin’s growth, the two lived aggrievedly in the deep palace. And Tantai Jin who is growing up is also being bullied. In order to let them live, Lan An is going to sneak out of the palace to seek help from the Yiyue clan. She asks Yingxin to take good care of Tantai Jin. But then Tantai Jin was taken as a hostage and sent to Shengguo, and Yingxin also thought that Lan An had betrayed her and escaped from the deep palace alone.

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 4 Recap

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