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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 3 Recap

Li Susu told Chuntao to take good care of Tantai Jin, and if he had anything to do with pretending to be a ghost, he must report it to him. Chuntao told Li Susu that the servants in the mansion often saw Tantai Jin talking to various animals, but Li Susu didn’t believe it at all.

Li Susu mistakenly thought that Tantai Jin had no one to speak, and eventually his mind was twisted and became a demon god. She simply followed Tantai Jin to study his behavior. Li Susu asked Tantai Jin if he felt resentment from being embarrassed and tortured by others, and if he wanted to kill Ye Xiwu. But Tantai Jin said that it doesn’t matter what he thinks, after all, he can’t change others. And whether there is hatred or resentment in your heart is meaningless.

Li Susu thinks that Tantai Jin did not do bad things five hundred years ago, but that people have been doing bad things to him all the time. Maybe he became a demon god because of a series of tragedies. Maybe there is someone who cares about him and cares about him, and maybe he won’t fall into the devil’s way.

Chuntao went to the clothing store to buy winter clothes for Tantai Jin, but because it didn’t fit the size, she had to modify it herself and secretly gave it to Tantai Jin. Ye Zeyu accidentally saw Tantaijin put on his new clothes. Ye Zeyu scratched his clothes on purpose, but Li Susu just happened to see him. Li Susu reprimanded his brother and asked him for compensation. Li Susu originally wanted Tantai Jin to throw away the broken clothes, but Tantai Jin refused the request.

Chun Tao came to report to the palace to let Tantai Jin enter the palace. Li Susu thought that Tantai Jin still had contact with the palace people, so he simply followed him into the palace. After Li Susu entered the palace, she found Tantai Jin’s residence in the palace. She wanted to know about Tantai Jin’s life before. After meeting His Majesty, Tantai Jin confessed that he didn’t want to know the news of Jing Guo, and Jing Guo and King Jing were strangers to him, so he didn’t care.

Seeing that King Sheng wanted to play the game of fighting between snipe and clam, he simply stated that he had no intention of being emperor and power, he just wanted to live a simple life. Li Susu came to the residence in Tantai Jin’s palace, and saw that Yingxin, the mother who raised Tantai Jin, sarcastically revealed that someone wanted to kill Tantai Jin.

Director Wu found Tantai Jin and wanted him to help frame the evidence of Xiao Lin and Ye Xiao’s collusion, but Tantai Jin knew in his heart that Xiao Lin was the only one who treated him sincerely in Shengdu City. He didn’t want to harm Xiao Lin, so he simply refused the matter. Manager Wu threatened Tantai Jin with Yue Yingxin’s life, but Tantai Jin was unmoved. Director Wu was very angry at being rejected, and planned to have Tantai Jin killed, but he didn’t expect to be killed directly by the hummingbird who could speak.

Xiao Lin learned that many people in the city disappeared in their sleep for no reason. He suspected that a monster had entered the city. He reported the matter to His Majesty, and His Majesty ordered someone from Buzhaoshan to help Xiao Lin investigate the matter. my little uncle. Li Susu learned from his party in the palace that Tantai Jin was not doing well in the palace, that’s why he was so pessimistic and hopeless. Xie Gu gathers strength by absorbing resentment and pain, so Tantai Jin suffers so much pain.

Li Susu learned from his father that there are monsters haunting the city today, and that Director Wu in the palace was killed by a hummingbird just because he said a few words to Tantai Jin, which is very strange. Tantai Jin controls Hummingbird to kill Manager Wu, but he also thinks that the current situation cannot allow others to let him go, and he wants to try to leave Shengguo.

Li Susu searched Tantai Jin’s whole body, but did not find any clues that he killed Manager Wu. He also said that he would search Tantai Jin every day in the future, and warned him not to play tricks.

The monster in the city was haunted at night, and accidentally discovered that although Ye Bingshang was human, he had the aura of a monster on his body, so he simply took him away. This monster collects all kinds of unwillingness and resentment from human beings, just to make the flowers of nightmare bloom all over the mountains and plains, so that it can turn demons into demons.

The next day, Li Susu learned that Ye Bingshang disappeared last night, and Xiao Lin brought Pang Yizhi, a doctor from the palace, to the mansion to check. Disciple, best at subduing demons and eliminating demons. But Pang Yizhi checked, but couldn’t find anything unusual in the mansion. Tantai Jin learned from the crow’s mouth that the monster brought the people from the city to Banzhen Mountain in the southern suburbs, and used them to grow flowers, and Ye Bingshang and Yue Yingxin were there.

On the other hand, the monster also learned of the existence of Tantai Jin from Yue Yingxin’s experience, and believed that Tantai Jin would definitely turn it into a demon, and it planned to use Tantai Jin to cultivate the flower of nightmare. Li Susu found that Pang Yizhi’s formation method was not good at learning, so he simply set up the formation by himself.

The monster found Ye Mansion following Tantai Jin’s smell, but Pang Yizhi’s formation did not trap the other party. Li Susu saw the other party’s intention to attack the west, and saw that its real intention was Tantai Jin, so Li Susu came to save people , but was taken away by the monster in the end.

Before Tantai Jin left clues about Ye Bingshang in the house, Xiao Lin found the clues after Tantai Jin was captured, and took Pang Yizhi to Banzhen Mountain. Li Susu woke up on Banzhen Mountain, and she found that the Dream Demon wanted to use the Nightmare Flower to become a demon.

Tantaijin discovered that Li Susu actually knew Yue Yingxin, and guessed that Li Susu was investigating herself. Li Susu wanted to save Ye Bingshang, but the mist made her and Tantaijin faint at the same time.

The unconscious Tantai Jin and Li Susu came to the Yiyue tribe and saw their mother marrying Tantai Wuji for the sake of the tribe.

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