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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 2 Recap

Although Li Susu couldn’t kill Tantai Jin now, she still wanted him to kneel on the ice and suffer. After all, she still hadn’t forgotten the blood feud between her father and her senior brother. But in the middle of the night, the wind and snow intensified, and Li Susu saw Tantai Jin kneeling on the ice, and the kind-hearted her felt conflicted in her heart.

For many years, Ye Bingshang has personally come to the porridge shed to give porridge on the first and fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, which has won the praise of the people. Today she brought her servant girl to the porridge shed to serve porridge again, and Xiao Lin also came to help after finishing her work, and when the two finished serving porridge, Ye Bingshang saw that it was getting late and had to leave and go home. When parting, Xiao Lin learned from the maid that Tantai Jin was punished by Ye Xiwu to kneel on the ice, thinking that Ye Xiwu would humiliate the hostesses of other countries.

Tantai Jin had already been punished to kneel for the fourth day, and even the servants in the mansion laughed at him, worrying that Tantai Jin would freeze to death outside, Li Susu sneaked out of the room to check, but Tantai Jin found him unexpectedly.

Li Susu saw that Tantai Jin was shaking from the cold, so he simply found an excuse to leave the cloak behind, but Tantai Jin didn’t accept Li Susu’s kindness at all. For the sake of the lives of the Three Realms and Four Continents, Li Susu had no choice but to take Tantai Jin back to his room when he saw Tantai Jin who had passed out from the cold.

In order to warm Tantai Jin’s body, Li Susu spared no effort to warm him up with her body, and asked Chun Tao to help him burn hot water for Tantai Jin to take a bath. Whenever Tantai Jin was on the verge of death, the demon in his heart would appear, even tempting him to risk his soul to it sooner or later.

But Tantai Jin is not sentimentally attached to life, frankly, he is willing to give away both his body and soul, but the devil said that Tantai Jin wants to taste the suffering of the world and absorb endless resentment, when the pain reaches its peak and life comes to an end It is the time of sacrifice.

Li Susu wanted to find the evil bones in Tantai Jin’s body. She groped for Tantai Jin’s whole body while he was unconscious, but was caught by Tantai Jin who woke up halfway. Tantai Jin was about to return to the lake to punish him by kneeling, but Li Susu stopped him and said that the punishment was over.

Li Susu originally thought that he would sleep on the same bed with his enemy Tantai Jin, but learned from Chun Tao that Ye Xiwu would whip Tantai Jin every night before going to bed. Li Susu found the whip, but the kind-hearted she couldn’t bear to do it to Tantai Jin.

Li Susu woke up in the middle of the night and found that Tantai Jin had a high fever, so she had to call Lai Chuntao to cook antipyretic medicine, feed the medicine to Tantai Jin herself, and take good care of him. It was already noon when Li Susu woke up the next day.

She came to the dining room and saw Ye Xiwu’s family. Li Susu originally thought that she would be reprimanded, but her grandmother came up to greet her with care, and her father and aunts also cared for her, which made her feel the family affection that belongs to the world. The grandmother was worried that Ye Xiwu’s reputation for pushing Ye Bingshang into the water would be bad.

Li Susu simply said that she would apologize to Ye Bingshang, but the grandmother thought it was unnecessary. At this time, Ye Bingshang returned home after giving the porridge. Looking at the beautiful and kind-hearted Ye Bingshang, Li Susu finally understood why Xiao Lin and Tantai Jin both liked her.

Tantai Jin went to the kitchen to eat, but the kitchen boy made things difficult for him, telling him to clean up the kitchen dishes and eat now. Li Susu learned from Chun Tao’s mouth that Tantai Jin usually eats with his servants. She came to the kitchen and found that the servants in the mansion were embarrassing Tantai Jin, and she reprimanded the servants in the mansion who watched the food.

Seeing Tantai Jin eating leftovers, she stopped Tantai Jin and reprimanded Tantai Jin without refuting the insults of the servants. She took Tantai Jin back to the room and prepared meals for him, but Tantai Jin refused. It turned out that on the night of Qixi Festival half a year ago, Ye Bingshang met Xiao Lin in the palace and went to the garden.

Ye Xiwu found the magic drug for knotting spring silkworms in order to facilitate the good things between Ye Bingshang and the Fifth Prince Xiao Liang, but that day Tantai Jin Being embarrassingly stopped by Xiao Liang, he accidentally ate the drugged snack, and Ye Bingshang’s portion was also accidentally eaten by Ye Xiwu, causing the two of them to cook rice, and there were many witnesses in the palace, General Ye can only ask for a marriage for the two. And since the two got married, Ye Xiwu has been tormenting Tantai Jin, and her temperament has become more distorted and vicious.

In order to prove that no drug was added to the meal, Li Susu had to eat the meal himself to prove it, and ordered Tantai Jin to come here for three meals a day in the future, and Tantai Jin was not allowed to eat those dirty things again. His Majesty Sheng told Xiao Lin that Tantai Wuji of Jingguo was about to die, and thought that the proton Tantai Jin was useless, but Xiao Lin thought that if Tantai Jin was killed, his successor Tantai Minglang would get his wish.

His Majesty Sheng Guo wants to test His Majesty Sheng Guo’s mind, to see if he can return to Jing Guo and disrupt Jing Guo’s government. If he doesn’t have this talent, he might as well take the opportunity to kill him.

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