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The Magical Women (2023) 灿烂的转身 Episode 3 Recap

The masked man’s mission failed, but Pang Xin still has countermeasures. He got Ankang’s hair with the help of Ding Manman, and the DNA gene comparison proved the existence of parent-child relationship. After Ding Manman woke up, he thought that he had leaked his words last night, so he called Pang Xin to apologize. Pang Xin didn’t care about it. He knew that An Ning would find out about this matter sooner or later, and the most urgent thing was to consider how to recognize his son.

On the day of the agreed meeting, Ding Manman put on heavy makeup and posed with his youth. Sophie also dressed up for the appointment, her aura was in full swing, not losing to Ding Manman in the slightest. The two were at war with each other, full of gunpowder, and Yan Weilun was caught in the middle like a marionette, letting Sophie pull him to show the love of husband and wife for many years.

Sure enough, Ding Manman’s reputation was not right, so he could only sulk alone and find an excuse to leave. Sophie deliberately hinted to Yan Weilun that she was pregnant, creating illusions for both him and Ding Manman, which scared Yan Weilun repeatedly to ensure that she had no second thoughts. At the same time, An Ning handed over the rent to Ding Manman, saying that she would move out of the house as soon as possible, and warned Ding Manman and Yan Weilun not to do anything wrong. It’s a pity that this pair of scumbags has no moral bottom line, and dismisses An Ning’s words.

Unwilling to be reconciled, Ding Manman came to the door of Sophie’s house alone, so frightened that Yan Weilun hurriedly pulled her into the stairwell, coaxed her to be happy with sweet words, and promised to spend the two-person world with her.

Through daily contact, Su Luo gradually fell in love with An Ning, and he kept this feeling in his heart, or painted it into a portrait. An Ning felt ashamed of Sophie, and tried to express her concern for her, but Sophie did not blame her for Ding Manman’s affairs, but felt that she was very sincere. Considering that An Ning’s life is difficult and it is not easy to raise a child alone, Sophie thought that Lao Liu in the company had resigned, so she asked her to drive a commercial vehicle instead of Lao Liu, so that she could earn an extra salary. In addition, Sophie also wants to ask An Ning to arrange a meeting with Ding Manman. Some things must be made clear, and An Ning promises to do her best.

That night, Sophie packed her daughter’s luggage and told her and her father to be safe in Nan’an. At this time, An Ning called Sophie and told the truth that Ding Manman had flown to Nan’an. Sophie froze when she heard the words, tried to calm down her emotions, and made up her mind to take action to defend the dignity of marriage.

Not long after, Yan Weilun arrived at Nan’an Hotel with his daughter, and met Ding Manman in the lobby. Just as Yan Weilun was waiting for Ding Manman to come to him after taking a shower, unexpectedly Sophie suddenly appeared, catching him off guard. Sophie could clearly see that Yan Weilun was flustered, but she pretended not to know, silently thinking about the next plan.

Yan Weilun dealt with Sophie in various ways, and the two rings of the doorbell made him frightened. The first time it was room service, it was a false alarm, until the second time it was Ding Manman himself. Taking advantage of Sophie going to the bathroom to answer the phone, Yan Weilun shut her out of the door without explaining too much to Ding Manman, and Ding Manman returned to his room angrily. Because of this, Sophie’s plan succeeded, and she lied that she was going to see a client, and she could reveal the condom in her handbag before leaving. Yan Weilun’s face was serious, even though he was doubtful, he still didn’t say anything, even ran to apologize to Ding Manman after Sophie left, and got her forgiveness again.

Ding Manman dragged Yan Weilun to visit the lighting art exhibition, and fell into Yan Weilun’s hypocrisy again, hugging and kissing each other passionately. Little did she know, this scene had already been recorded by Sophie on her mobile phone, and then she dialed Yan Weilun’s number and sent him away on the grounds of her daughter’s debating competition. Seeing Yan Weilun leave in a hurry, Ding Manman couldn’t hide his disappointment. Sophie came over suddenly and asked how long she and Yan Weilun had been together.

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