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The Magical Women (2023) 灿烂的转身 Episode 2 Recap

The long and dark alley was filled with biting coldness, surrounded by men from all directions, approaching step by step, leaving An Ning nowhere to hide, and suddenly woke up from the dream. Looking around, she still saw the familiar rooms, furnishings and furniture, and she was so terrified that she couldn’t sleep all night.

In the early morning of the next day, Yan Weilun and his daughter had just left the house. Sophie got into a taxi and followed him all the way. It’s a pity that Sophie lost her husband after getting out of the car. Instead, she found An Ning in the supermarket and saw the masked man doing harm to An Kang.

Sophie acted righteously and cooperated with An Ning to save Ankang, but the masked man fled in a hurry. Afterwards, Sophie confirmed to An Ning that her husband had cheated on her, and that the object was Ding Manman, the daughter of Mr. Ding. Although Ding Manman and An Ning are best friends, she deliberately concealed her mistress status, revealing that Yan Weilun had already divorced, but actually racked her brains to force him to divorce and secretly put underwear in his bag.

Yan Weilun used the excuse of a business trip to meet his lover secretly. When he came out of the art gallery, he saw his wife Sophie standing opposite him, and his gaze was somewhat complicated. Sophie questioned Yan Weilun why he was here, Yan Weilun responded very quickly, and lied that he would come to the art museum to choose gifts for customers. This statement did not convince Sophie, but made her feel even more chilled.

The legal representative of this art gallery is Ding Manman, so Sophie found an excuse to ask Ding Jianhong for her WeChat, and found photos of her wearing the same underwear through Moments. Sophie was in a state of confusion, and hadn’t recovered from her husband’s betrayal when she suddenly received a phone call from the bank and unexpectedly learned that her husband had arbitrarily advocated embezzlement of the account deposits.

Sophie came to the company angrily to question Yan Weilun. Unexpectedly, he was prepared and took out a project letter for investing in health care real estate, explaining the real flow of the money. But even so, Sophie still didn’t fully trust Yan Weilun, and asked him to explain Ding Manman’s affairs clearly, and asked him to provide the chat records between the two parties.

Yan Weilun was quick to wit, dialed Ding Manman’s mobile phone in front of Sophie, and directly arranged to meet and confront at the art museum tomorrow. This shameless operation caught the two women unexpectedly. That night, Yan Weilun sent a message to Ding Manman, coaxing her to help him deal with Sophie. On the other hand, Ding Manman was unhappy and called his cronies to get drunk at the bar.

An Ning here received a call from Ding Manman, and rushed to the bar immediately, and happened to see her being taken advantage of by a man. Sophie appeared in the same bar, but she didn’t meet Ding Manman and others, and she hid in the private room alone and felt sad. Seeing that Ding Manman was drinking unconscious, An Ning had no choice but to send her home first. Ding Manman threatened to break up with Yan Weilun through drunkenness, and said that An Ning’s life is good, at least Pang Xin treats her well.

As soon as these words came out, An Ning’s face changed drastically, and a picture of the two loving each other appeared in his mind. When walking home, An Ning noticed that someone was following her on a motorcycle, and subconsciously ran into the alley to ambush him, only to find out that it was the teacher Su Luo. Afterwards, Su Luo sent An Ning home, and felt relieved after watching her enter the house, and chatted with his sister Sophie along the way.

Just as Sophie was urging her younger brother to think about lifelong affairs, she heard Ankang’s voice from upstairs, and Su Luo ran over in a hurry. Because of An Ning’s drinking, she passed out in the bathroom. Ankang was worried that her mother would slam on the bathroom door. Seeing this, Su Luo kicked the door open and helped An Ning to wake her up.

An Ning is extremely vigilant, at first she thought that Su Luo was trying to do something wrong, but she didn’t apologize for her behavior until An Kang came forward to explain the situation. Because of this, An Ning really couldn’t bear Sophie being kept in the dark by her husband, and was going to tell her everything she knew.

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