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Infernal Affairs 无间 Episode 5 Recap

Huo Fei recognized Lu Feng and people from the special secret team in the abandoned factory, so he learned that Lu Feng was working in No. 76, and wanted to persuade Lu Feng to leave No. 76. Lu Feng said that these things are not clear in one or two sentences, and Huo Fei hopes that he can think about it again.

Monitoring Ji Yunzhong’s phone calls found that there was a call record that was at the same time as Han Tian’s call record, and Shen Xiao determined that Ji Yunzhong was Huohe. Lan Bing reported to Shen Xiao the status of the killer investigation and the situation of the car repair shop. Tomorrow, a comprehensive investigation of the car repair shop will be conducted in the name of tax inspection, but the first round of killer investigation has no clue, and Hua Xiangyu was missed, because She has an alibi, Shen Xiao asked Lan Bing to investigate Hua Xiangyu again, and this task was given to Lu Feng to complete.

Lu Feng wanted to avoid it, after all, he and Hua Xiangyu knew each other, but Shen Xiao’s words were undeniable, and he asked Lu Feng to call Hua Xiangyu now to make an appointment. Afterwards, in the name of giving her a book, Lu Feng took Lan Bing and others to the bank to search Hua Xiangyu. Lu Feng and Lan Bing searched Hua Xiangyu’s body successively, but found nothing abnormal. Stop them and ask Lan Bing to apologize to her.

Ji Yunzhong appeared to ease the situation in due course and let Lan Bing and the others leave. Because of this incident, Lan Bing felt guilty towards Lu Feng. In the evening, Hua Xiangyu thought about today’s events, although his face was expressionless, but he was still afraid. If it wasn’t for the wound anesthetic that Lu Feng gave her last time, she would definitely be found when she was searched today.

Lu Feng took Hua Xiangyu to his childhood orphanage, and the headmaster handed over Matsushita Chio’s things to Lu Feng, and there was only one photo in it. The dean said that this was ordered by Chio Matsushita during his lifetime, if he encountered any accident, he would give this box to Lu Feng. Lu Fengtonghua told Yu about his childhood experience. He was forced to knock down his little friends, and then he was selected into the special training group, and then sent to Japan, and joined No. 76 when he came back.

Hua Xiangyu also told him about his own experiences. What they have in common is that they have no parents. The dean called and told the officer that Lu Feng asked about his parents just now, but the dean didn’t say anything. There was a letter and a photo in the box that Chio Matsushita gave Lu Feng, and the dean took the letter away.

The flash officer asked him if he had read the letter, and the dean replied no, so the flash officer ordered him to burn the letter. Lu Feng sent back a message to the flash officer that the fire crane was exposed, and the flash officer ordered the operation to continue. Ji Yunzhong showed signs of fleeing, so the special secret team was divided into two groups, one group went to arrest Ji Yunzhong, and the other group raided the garage.

Ji Yunzhong was successfully arrested, and Huo Fei was reminded by Lu Feng in advance to get everyone in the garage to evacuate before the surprise attack. Shen Xiao reported to him the truth about the death of Ji Yunzhong’s wife and daughter, as well as the female agent who betrayed Ji Yunzhong, intending to use these to instigate Ji Yunzhong. Shen Xiao’s persuasion ability is very strong. Ji Yunzhong finally rebelled and revealed the location of the fiat currency template. His code name is still Huohe, and his identity is still the bank president, but another layer of identity is a senior spy of the special secret group.

Ji Yunzhong put his fingerprints on the agreement, and told Shen Xiao everything he knew. For the special secret group, the military command set up an organization called Ghost, and its personnel were elite agents selected from all over the country. This organization will be used to retaliate against the secret group.

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