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Infernal Affairs 无间 Episode 3 Recap

Lu Feng secretly followed Hua Xiangyu, helped her get rid of a villain behind her, and then drove her away. Lan Bing saw Lu Feng take Hua Xiangyu away and didn’t understand why he did it. In the car, Hua Xiangyu asked Lu Feng to take her to Hangzhou. She had to deliver the important things before tomorrow morning. Lu Feng agreed, but he called Lan Bing to report the matter.

Lan Bing didn’t object, but she would report the matter to her superiors, and Lu Feng had to keep in touch at all times. When they arrived in Hangzhou, Lu Feng found that there was no legal currency template in the box, but some things that the children needed. Lu Feng called the special secret team and said that there was no template. It was snowing in Hangzhou, Lu Feng and Hua Xiangyu were walking in the snow together, and the photographer took a group photo for them.

Hua Xiangyu took him to eat, and when he came back, Lu Feng received a so-called call from home. Lan Bing said on the phone that Chio Matsushita woke up. Hua Xiangyu returned the scarf to Lu Feng and watched him leave. Back in Shanghai, Hua Xiangyu was looking forward to Lu Feng’s arrival, but the person who knocked on the door was Huo Fei, who brought a new mission for the two of them. The letter said to kill Han Tian and get back the template.

Although Matsushita Chio was awake, he was not out of danger and could not speak yet. Shen Xiao asked Lu Feng to ask Matsushita Chio with a code. Seeing that Matsushita Chio didn’t respond, Shen Xiao went in himself, but when he heard the fire crane, Matsushita Chio was suddenly so excited that he needed a doctor to rescue him. The code name Huohe reminded Shen Xiao of an operation eighteen years ago.

Matsushita Chixiong is a senior agent of Mei Agency, and the Secret Service has no authority to search his home, so Shen Xiao asked Lu Feng to search every corner of Matsushita Chixiong’s home. After searching, Lu Feng found a box behind the hollowed-out wall, and he took the box back to the special secret team and handed it to Shen Xiao.

After the doctor went out, Shen Xiao asked him if he hid Han Tian, ​​but Chio Matsushita didn’t say anything, and Shen Xiao threatened him with the lives of Chio Matsushita’s family to reveal Han Tian’s location and who the buyer was. Shen Xiao gave him enough time to think about it, and as long as Matsushita Chio thought it through, he could call him at any time. Lu Feng was controlled in a special secret group in a disguised form. Lan Bing asked him if the trip to Hangzhou went well. Lu Feng knew that she was talking nonsense, and he said that Hua Xiangyu just brought some medicine.

Matsushita Qianxiong told the possible location of Han Tian, ​​and Lan Bing immediately took people to arrest Han Tian. Later, Han Tian killed two people and was controlled by Lan Bing with a gun. However, Han Tian was very presumptuous because he knew that the top secret team wanted them to catch him alive. Lan Bing shot directly at his leg and ordered someone to take him back.

Although Han Tian did not succeed in committing suicide, someone shot in the Nantian Tower, killing Han Tian with one shot. Lu Feng found a hot spot under Lan Bing’s signal, but there was still a hot spot on the other side. Their firepower crossed, and immediately Many people in the special secret team were killed and injured. Fortunately, with Lu Feng’s help, Lan Bing was not killed by the hot hand. As for the most popular upstairs on both sides, one is Huo Fei, and the other is Hua Xiangyu.

Lu Feng went to chase and saw Hua Xiangyu’s face, but he still didn’t shoot. Searching Han Tian’s residence again, Lu Feng found one of the templates. He and Lan Bing brought the template back, and Shen Xiao put the template in the secret room, and took out the investigation report of the Fire Phoenix Project to check. The report showed that the three senior agents who participated in the Fire Phoenix Project were all dead.

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