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Infernal Affairs 无间 Episode 2 Recap

Shen Xiao simply described today’s electric shock and medication as a test of Lu Feng by the special secret team. He believed that Lu Feng’s loyalty was perfect. Personally, he hoped that Lu Feng could join the special secret team. Lu Feng didn’t give an answer immediately, today’s play really made him feel dissatisfied. Han Tian showed up with Matsushita Chio with the box containing the template, and Lu Feng was responsible for picking him up.

Before Han Tian got into the car, Hua Xiangyu shot and killed him on the top floor, and the people from No. 76 also shot at Hua Xiangyu. . After a hail of bullets, Chio Matsushita was shot to get the template, and Han Tian was injured and escaped. Lu Feng only heard Chio Matsushita yelling the word “Fire Crane” incessantly before he died. Riding a motorcycle appeared, the firepower suppressed and took away the box.

Huo Fei and Hua Xiangyu cooperated tacitly and escaped the tracking, but they opened the box and found that the box contained no real legal currency templates. The No. 76 secret team didn’t catch up to Han Tian, ​​so Han Tian took out the real legal currency template on his chest, with a bullet crater on it, and it was this legal currency template that saved his life. Matsushita Chio was sent to the hospital for treatment, but Shen Xiao ordered to block the news that Matsushita was still alive.

In order to find out the reason behind the murder of Chio Matsushita, Lu Feng joined the special secret team, and Shen Xiao said that once he joined, there would be no turning back. Secret team No. 76 conducted some memory tests on Lu Feng, and Lu Feng made some mistakes on purpose. Even so, he successfully joined the secret group No. 76 and got to know many people in the secret group.

The first meeting that joined the special secret group was aimed at Han Tian. On the surface, Han Tian was the governor of the Central Bank, but his real identity was the scavenger at the Shanghai Station of the Military Command. Deng Qiang, Vice President of the Executive Yuan, Liu Jingming, Shen Hua, deputy director of No. 76, and Sun Zhiyuan, president of Lihua Bank, were both assassinated by Han Tian.

Shen Xiao asked Matsushita Qianxiong if he had left anything before he fell into a coma, but Lu Feng lied and said no. Lu Feng got the secret letter, and after translating it, he learned that the “flamingo” that Chio Matsushita was talking about was one of his own. Lu Feng went to see Huo Fei. Huo Fei was inconvenient to reveal what he was doing now. Even if he didn’t say anything, Lu Feng knew that his job was full of bullets and fears. As for Lu Feng himself, he simply said that he was in the library. Work.

Lan Bing, the captain of the special operations team of the special secret group, told Shen Xiao that Han Tian had not been found so far. Shen Xiao believed that Han Tian would find a way to contact the buyer. They must be more patient than Han Tian in order to gain anything. Lan Bing’s informant found Han Tian’s trail. Han Tian was very cunning.

Lan Bing brought Lu Feng and others to come and found that the door of Room 204 was equipped with a grenade. As long as the door was broken in, the fuze would explode. Lu Feng resolved the first crisis. Unexpectedly, there was a bomb on the body of the informant. Lu Feng’s first reaction was to protect Lan Bing. Since he evaded in time, neither of them was injured. Han Tian approached Ji Yunzhong, half threatening and half negotiating, agreeing on the time and place of the transaction tomorrow, and agreeing on the price of a quarter of the French currency.

On the 76th, Ji Yunzhong has already been closely monitored, and now he suspects that Ji Yunzhong is the buyer. He wants to monitor and investigate Ji Yunzhong and the people around him, including Hua Xiangyu. Lu Feng knew Hua Xiangyu, so this action was carried out by Lu Feng. Lu Feng and Hua Xiangyu confronted again, this time it was her who was drunk. Lu Feng carried her back to her residence, and installed a bug on the phone. As soon as Lu Feng left, Hua Xiangyu opened his eyes.

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