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Infernal Affairs 无间 Episode 1 Recap

Infernal Affairs 无间 Episode 1 Recap

In November 1944, the eve of Japan’s surrender. On a ship returning to Shanghai from Japan, an undercover agent got the key of a Japanese officer and entered a room containing important secret information. After the Japanese military officer found out, he took people to surround him, and the electric switch on the ship was destroyed, giving the undercover time to escape, but in the end the undercover was sacrificed, and the information in his arms was also taken back by the officer.

After investigation, it was found that this person had other accomplices. A woman passed the power supply room, and the Japanese began to check the women on board. Hua Xiangyu stood alone on the deck of the ship, and was noticed by the Japanese military officer, so he came to ask her if she was on the ship alone. Lu Feng, an officer of the Japanese Army Academy, helped the woman out of the siege.

Afterward, the two drank together, Lu Feng had never drunk Hua Xiangyu, and was sent back to his room when he was drunk. Hua Xiangyu got the small camera that the undercover agent had bought with his life. Although the information was taken back, he had already taken all the photos with this small camera. An hour after the ship docked in Shanghai, Lu Feng woke up. Seeing that he was still not coming down, instructor Liu came up to pick him up.

They drove to the outskirts of Shanghai, and Lu Feng met Shan Guan, the person who raised him and also the person in charge of the military command and ghost. This ghost is a secret organization directly under the command of the high-level, a special agent team formed specifically to target Wang Jingwei. The flash officer said that Lu Feng’s mission is to continue to be an undercover agent on No. 76, and at the same time, he must do everything possible to break into the special secret team.

Flash Officer is Lu Feng’s only online agent, and all tasks are directly assigned by him, and Lu Feng’s information has also been entered into the senior ghost agent file. The flash officer handed a photo to Lu Feng. The person in the photo is Shen Xiao, the person in charge of the special secret team. He is cautious and never does anything he is not sure about.

Official Shan believes that Shen Xiao is a rare top player in this industry. There was an assassination in a D field in Shanghai, Lu Feng saw the shooter, he quickly threw a chair to block the shooter’s bullets. The secret service team chased down the shooter, Lu Feng diverted their attention and rescued the shooter. Lu Feng took him back to his residence and removed the bullets from his body. He never thought that the shooter was his former friend Huo Fei.

Chio Matsushita, an agent of the Japanese Navy Agency, brought Lu Feng to the dinner party, and he wanted to introduce some people to Lu Feng. Among the people recommended by Chio Matsushita, one is Director Shen Xiaoshen of the Special Secret Team, and the other is Ji Yunzhong, President of Chase Bank. Shen Xiao asked Lu Feng a few sharp questions, and Lu Feng answered them perfectly. The woman who came with Ji Yunzhong and Matsushita Qianxiong was very familiar to Lu Feng.

She was Hua Xiangyu, the woman he had rescued on the boat before. Her identity was Ji Yunzhong’s secretary. The person in charge of intelligence in Yan’an, code-named Huashan, issued an order to the intelligence officer code-named Tsing Yi. After the dinner, Lu Feng returned to his residence, but Huo Fei had already left. The flash officer called and spoke a secret language with Lu Feng, and Lu Feng started to translate.

Hua Xiangyu handed over the information to the upline, and she received a task to cooperate with Huo Fei to destroy the legal currency template in Han Tian’s hands. Matsushita Chio introduced Han Tian to Lu Feng, and asked Lu Feng to escort Han Tian to a place and then send him back. Not long after, Lu Feng was examined by the No. 76 organization of the Wang puppet government, and was arrested and tortured with electric shocks shortly after he came out. Lu Feng’s will was very firm, and he didn’t say anything.

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