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Hello Beautiful Life 心想事成 Episode 1 Recap

This is a story that happened in Xiaoman Hutong in Beijing. There are thousands of Hutongs in Beijing, and there are courtyard houses with gray walls and gray tiles that have been settled for hundreds of years.

The Hutongs are like the veins of the city. Each Hutong has its own story and Legend has it that all the old residents live here, and the alleys are very narrow, but they still can’t stop people coming and going.

Sun Jian and his wife Li Huilan have lived in Xiaoman Hutong for decades. They have two beautiful daughters. The eldest daughter, Sun Xin, works as a programmer at Feifei Network. She is well received by her colleagues, and she is about to be promoted to the leader of the development team.

The second daughter, Sun Xiang, is lively and cheerful by nature, and loves to study food. She works in a milk tea shop next to a large supermarket and uses her mobile phone to record the desserts she developed in her spare time.

She is very popular with customers, and her official account also has many fans. Because of her His mobile phone is very old, and the images taken are blurry. Sun wants to save some money to buy a new mobile phone.

Today is Sun Xiang’s birthday, she got up early to prepare a newly developed sandwich, and then called the whole family to get up for dinner. Sun Jian couldn’t get used to these things, and wanted to eat the old Beijing traditional breakfast, but was reprimanded by Li Huilan, so he had no choice but to eat it obediently.

Sun Xin was in a hurry to go to work and didn’t have time to eat breakfast, so Sun Xiang quietly put the sandwich in her pocket, and then took Sun Xin to the subway station by bicycle.

Ma Tao and Sun Xiang grew up together. He worked in a supermarket, and he couldn’t wait to tell Sun Xiang the news of the 50% discount on steak in the supermarket.

Said that the store needs to be upgraded and remodeled, so she had to find another store. Sun Xiang faced unemployment, but she was still very optimistic. As soon as Sun Xin went to work, she received a large bouquet of perfumed roses.

Although there was no signature on the card, her colleagues all guessed that it was from Wu Jiang, the general manager of Liangcheng Internet Company.

During the lunch break, Wu Jiang asked Sun Xin to meet and gave her the latest mobile phone as a promotion gift, and Sun Xin transferred him 6,000 yuan on the spot.

Sun Xiang came to the supermarket after work and saw an old aunt named Liu Yufang taking away all the remaining steaks. She was just about to leave when she suddenly saw Liu Yufang hiding in a corner and secretly hiding the steaks in her clothes.

Sun wanted to expose Liu Yufang’s theft face to face, but Liu Yufang refused to admit it, and her mouth was plausible. Xiang’s mobile phone fell to the ground, and then rushed away, but slipped and fell to the ground.

Yu Fei and his friends made an appointment to have hot pot at home in the evening. He came to the supermarket to buy hot pot ingredients, and happened to see Sun Xiang and Liu Yufang having a conflict.

Yu Fei and Sun Xiang sent Liu Yufang to the hospital without saying a word. Liu Yufang’s son, Jia Chang’an, came later and asked Sun Xiang to pay Liu Yufang’s medical expenses. He insisted that Sun Xiang pushed his mother to the ground.

Thinking, Yu Fei subdued him on the spot, pulled Sun Xiang up and left, Sun Xiang found time to treat Yu Fei to dinner to express his gratitude, but her phone was broken, and she couldn’t even add Yu Fei’s WeChat.

Sun Jian was bored at home, so he went to fight the landlord with the father and son, the owner of a small supermarket in the alley. He won two meals for the father and son. When Li Huilan came back from school, she saw Sun Jian and forcibly called him away.

Sun Jian went to a nearby dessert shop to order cakes. . It was about to get off work, Sun Xin was looking forward to going home early to celebrate Sun’s birthday, the department manager Yang Xin called her to the office, gave her a pair of high heels, stared at her feet and legs, Sun Xin felt very awkward , Someone happened to call Yang Xin, so Sun Xin had no choice but to go out with the pair of shoes.

Sun Xin opened the shoe box, and there was a pair of stockings inside. Yang Xin sent a message asking Sun Xin to wear high heels and stockings to work tomorrow, and praised her for being sexy.

Pick up the bunch of flowers and go home. Sun Xiang rode his bicycle to the entrance of the alley and saw Chu Xiaoyu waiting for Sun Xin from a distance.

The two of them were childhood sweethearts, and Chu Xiaoyu had a soft spot for Sun. He wanted to invite Sun Xin to dinner, but Sun Xin flatly refused and gave Sun the bouquet of flowers Think, Chu Xiaoyu learned that today is Sun Xiang’s birthday, and tried his best to please Sun Xiang, Sun wanted him to buy a new mobile phone, Sun Xin persuaded Sun Xiang to give up as soon as possible, Chu Xiaoyu is the most unreliable.

Li Huilan and Sun Jian prepared a large table of dishes, and Sun Xiang cheered happily. Sun Xin thanked her mother for her kindness and gave Sun Xiang a new mobile phone. Yu Fei ate hot pot with his friends and casually talked about what he did for Sun Xiang.

Friends guessed that Sun Xiang was a beautiful girl. After dinner, Sun Xiang and Sun Xin came to the roof. The two sisters had their own secrets. Sun Xin wanted to earn a lot of money to buy a big house and move out of the alley as soon as possible, but Sun Xiang was very satisfied with his current life.

Li Huilan was worried that the neighbors would have opinions, and asked Sun Xiang and Sun Xin to come down from the roof, but Sun Jian instead advised her not to worry about it, and let the children go properly.

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