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The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 Episode 5 Recap

Yetan woke up from a dream, worried that her sister Qingkui would be in danger in the Shenyuan Realm, and slowly asked her to take care of herself first. The two sisters contacted each other through lettering, and learned that there was no problem with each other.

In order to avoid further troubles, Qing Kui said no and returned. Ye Tan was very moved, but the words he said were not pleasant to the ear. He was obviously trying to save Qingkui, but he made the words ugly. Only when he stayed with her for a long time, could he know her true nature.

To rescue Qingkui, she first had to remove the magic weapon belonging to Xuanshang Shenjun from her body, but after a lot of effort, she and Slowly still couldn’t do anything with this red light eye. Slowly mentioning an important piece of information, all the old craftsmen in the animal world said that the heavenly material and earthly treasures of the magic weapon are all in the Xuanhuang realm of the Lingpu ancestor.

Ye Tan ran to the Xuanhuang Realm of Lingpu Patriarch to search for treasures. Lingpu Patriarch saw that she had the natal magic weapon of Xuanshang Shenjun on her body, and was unwilling to help her remove it. Ye Tan accidentally hit and found that the other two immortals were in Lingpu Gamble together in the Xuanhuang Realm of Patriarch Pu.

The three immortals begged Ye Tan to keep quiet. Ye Tan has a lot of research on mahjong cards, so he took the initiative to join in and teach the three immortals how to play. It’s just that gambling is forbidden in the heavens, and every time she plays for a while, the pain on her body increases.

The three immortals were powerless, and the patriarch Lingpu said that the natal magic weapon was forged by the essence of the gods. If the master didn’t want to unlock it, the magic weapon would be unlocked automatically unless his soul was completely destroyed. Ye Tan also learned that the three immortals had a close relationship with Xuan Shang since they were young.

Tianhou misses the childhood Shaodian Youqin very much, but ever since he entered the Xuan Realm, Tianhou knew that the happy and carefree Shaodian Youqin in childhood would never come back. The Emperor of Heaven found out that Shaodian Youqin went to Leiting Division for Yetan to be punished, and he planted red eyes for Yetan, but he couldn’t hide it. .

The three immortals had never played against the clever Ye Tan, so they quickly lost everything. They owed Ye Tan more than six million spirit beads, so they had to mortgage the treasures. As a result, the spiritual halls of the three immortals were all evacuated. Dingyun learned that Zhu Jiuyin had been killed by Xiaofeng, so he decided to go back and invite King Li and his concubine to interrogate Xiaofeng. As for his subordinates, he followed the previous plan.

Qing Kui was worried about mocking the wind, and spent all the Shen Yuan coins and jewelry on her body, just to go in and have a look at the Third Highness. Her kind heart makes Xiao Feng more and more moved. The three immortals tried different ways to let Shaodian Youqin release Ye Tan’s red eyes. Shaodian Youqin saw that something was wrong with the three immortals at a glance, so they had no choice but to tell the story of the gambling.

Youqin was shocked, and suspected that Ye Tan deliberately used these three immortals to blackmail her. In order to make up for the shortfall owed by Ye Tan, Shao Dian Youqin filled it up with things from the Penglai Jiangque. After a little tilt, the three immortals emptied the Penglai Jiangque, not even leaving the Xiaguang Cup for tea. Ye Tan was so arrogant and presumptuous, Shaodian Youqin thought of a way to repay him.

Qingkui got her wish and saw Xiaofeng. She was grateful for Xiaofeng’s life-saving grace. Qingkui has practiced the art of Qihuang since childhood, and heals Xiaofeng’s wounds. Xiaofeng feels that Qingkui is beautiful and kind-hearted. A table of delicious food has been prepared, how to attract Ye Tan is a problem.

At first Feichi wanted to attract Ye Tan and Slowness by shouting, but Shao Dian couldn’t let go of the piano, so he simply let the fragrance spread all over the heavens, and Ye Tan would come naturally after smelling it. Sure enough, Ye Tanhe smelled the fragrance slowly, and rushed over non-stop, before they had a good meal, Xuan Shang spoke to stop them.

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