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The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 Episode 4 Recap

Ye Tan and Xuan Shang kissed each other, causing him to be emotionally disturbed. He himself is the spirit of the stars, and emotional changes will make the stars tremble, directly affecting the weather in the heavens. Shaodian Youqin pushed Ye Tan away, and when he learned that she had eaten a bunch of Jianmu fruits, and she was entangled with him endlessly, he angrily sealed her with a spell. In order to get the token, Ye Tan asked to go slowly to get some food.

Qing Heng was a simple person, and was tricked by Ye Tan into eating hot pot and drank a lot of wine. He said that at the beginning, Shao Dian Youqin was not because of his current indifferent temperament, but because he was kind, but after he was given the mission of repairing and returning to the ruins, he could not retreat, let go of his mind, and worked hard for thousands of years to become what he is today. look like.

Qing Heng was already drunk, Ye Tan took his token and cooperated with Slowly to open the gate of heaven, she stunned for a moment and fell from Jiuchong Lingxiao, Slowly and immediately transformed into her original body and caught her. At the same time, Qing Kui left Shenyuan Realm and went to Monster City on the grounds of buying medicine.

Xiaofeng knew her movements very well, and told Gu Haichao to keep an eye on Qingkui, and never let her out after she entered the sprite city. Shao Dian Youqin was in the Xuan Territory to get rid of his desires, but Feichi interrupted rashly, just because the Crane Rider asked him to go to Jiangque, Penglai quickly to discuss matters. Tea eggs, another fairy also sued that Yunshan’s new tea was stolen, and the Wannian tea tree was cut down for firewood. They clamored for the gods to be the masters.

The head of Xuanshang outside Jiangque in Penglai is as big as a cow, and it has only been half a day, and she has caused so many troubles again. These two immortals were not the only ones who suffered misfortune, Shaodian Youqin’s own divine bull mount was also eaten by her. God Erlang came to report that Ye Tan fled to the lower realm privately, Fei Chi showed Xuan Shang the letter left by Ye Tan, after reading it, Xuan Shang burned the letter angrily, and turned away.

The twin sisters met in the city of monsters, and before they had time to sort out the reason for the wrong marriage, they were chased and killed by the mocking wind wearing a mask. Ye Tan’s magic weapon and slow resistance were delayed for some time, and Qing Kui and Ye Tan were able to discuss the escape plan , the two ran away separately, Xiaofeng caught up with Ye Tan, and killed her everywhere. Ye Tan has a lot of magic weapons, but none of them can deal with Xiaofeng. When the magic weapons are used up, she will be at the end of her wits.

Just at the moment of danger, Shaodian Youqin appeared and saved Ye Tan. Xiaofeng knew that he couldn’t beat Shaodian Youqin, but seeing how he defended Yetan, he probably didn’t know about the wrong marriage and ran away. On the other hand, when Qingkui ran away, she encountered many masked killers, and Xiaofeng came forward to save her, which made Qingkui even more sure that the person who killed her was the Second Highness Dingyun.

Shaodian Youqin brought Ye Tan back to the Heaven Realm. She committed many mistakes and should have been punished at the Lei Ting Division, but she was a concubine after all. In addition, she acted like a baby and apologized, which once again caused Shaodian Youqin to be confused. She gave a small red eye, and if she still didn’t follow the rules, she would feel the pain. As for slowly waking up, Shao Dian Youqin didn’t make things difficult for her, and let her go back to accompany Ye Tan.

Zhu Jiuyin sees Xiaofeng appearing in Zhuoxin Palace, and eavesdrops on Qingkui’s true identity with the past. Xiaofeng deliberately fights Qingkui in front of her, pretending to be invincible, but secretly uses tricks to make Zhu Jiuyin died indirectly under Qing Kui’s hands. Gu Haichao got a hint to put the blame on the dead Zhu Jiuyin for the pursuit and killing of the sprite city.

Qingkui was responsible for everything and wanted to plead guilty to the Second Highness and Queen Li, but mocked the wind and cast a spell to make her faint. Qingkui wakes up and learns from the maid that Xiaofeng went to Linghun Cave to receive punishment, and admits that he killed Zhu Jiuyin, Qingkui feels extremely guilty for this. Ye Tan was about to escape again, but was caught by Xuan Shang.

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