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The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 Episode 3 Recap

After Qingkui came to Shenyuan, she lived in Zhuoxin Palace, and she could only leave here when the prince was selected and got married. The maid Sushui is in charge of serving Qing Kui, and she can be found for any needs. Qingkui has the scent of Nine Heavens Sandalwood, which is known as the most elegant and refined in the human world, but Shen Yuanjie is the most taboo about aromatherapy, and King Li and Queen don’t like it either.

The maid reminded Qingkui not to use it again. Then the maids took Qing Kui to get rid of the smell on their bodies. They thought it was just a bath, but it turned out to be a back rub. Qing Kui thought in extreme pain, could it be that Ye Tan went to heaven. At this time, Ye Tanhe slowly wanted to leave Tianpayuan, but was stopped by General Zhuan. It turned out that Shao Dian had a piano and order. Before the dinner, Yetan and his close friends from the animal world could not leave Tianpayuan for half a step. .

The fairies brought clothes to dress up Ye Tan, and Ye Tan put the garter of the foot ornament on her head as a headband. Although she knew it was a garter, she thought it was beautiful and insisted on wearing it. gorgeous. The Emperor of Heaven and the Empress of Heaven came late, and the banquet began. Ye Tan found that what was presented was not delicious food, but a breath of fresh air. People will get sick if they eat whole grains, but the gods practice the technique of bigu and only eat clean energy.

But Yetan is a human being after all, it would be too bland to eat only Qingqi, and she doesn’t care if her stomach is full, and she always feels extremely cold after inhaling it. Knowing that she wasn’t used to it, Tian Hou asked someone to present human food that was transformed with the best Qingqi, and changed the soup without changing the medicine. After Ye Tan ate it, she still felt a sense of extreme cold rushing through her body.

At this time in Shenyuan Realm, King Li and Queen set up a reception banquet for Qingkui in the Fenyuan Hall. King Li has never been used to the etiquette and etiquette of the Protoss. He asked Qingkui to save her hypocrisy. The number one warrior in Shenyuan Realm, except for King Li, he doesn’t pay attention to anyone else.

The Second Highness was born of the queen, named Dingyun, and helped King Li. Qingkui wanted to drink with Dingyun, but she found that there was blood in the glass, she was forced to take a sip, and vomited it out again in an instant. Xiaofeng knew that the Yetan in front of him was actually Qingkui, she was the most pure body, and couldn’t drink these things, so she pretended to be drunk and knocked over Qingkui, while whispering in her ear.

Qingkui became vigilant, but she didn’t expect that Xiaofeng knew her identity. She suspected that Xiaofeng had changed the sedan chair, but Xiaofeng immediately denied it and poured the pot of dirty water on Dingyun’s head. When she first arrived in Shenyuanjie, Qingkui didn’t know that Xiaofeng was thoughtful and full of lies, so she easily believed his words.

The Emperor of Heaven called Shao Dian Youqin over. Today, Yetan’s words and deeds were disrespectful and violated the rules and regulations. The Emperor of Heaven asked Shao Dian Youqin to teach him well before the wedding, so as not to lose the majesty of the heavens. Slowly retrieve the red fruit for Ye Tan, and Ye Tan eats it to satisfy his hunger. She and Qingkui are twins, and they feel the same pain. She originally wanted to get in touch with Qingkui by engraving letters on her hands, but she was afraid of the pain and dared not do it. Meet in the city.

Afterwards, Qing Kui wrote a letter to her father in the world, hoping for his help. Yetan went to Shaodian Youqin for help, but unexpectedly the fruit he just ate was Jianmu fruit. This Jianmu fruit is also called Lingxiao Forbidden Fruit, which is used to help the gods and immortals who want to reproduce. As soon as Shaodian Youqin finished speaking, the Jianmu fruit in Yetan’s mouth flew into his mouth, and Yetan also rushed up abruptly and kissed him.

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