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The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 Episode 2 Recap

Wudai’s arrival made Shaodian Youqin and Xiaofeng stop fighting and turned away. Xiaofeng deliberately blamed the assassination on the gods. Although Wudai is tall and mighty, but his IQ is worrying, he easily listened to Xiaofeng’s words. Shaodian Youqin cast spells and came to the human world, and Ye Tan was also brought back by him. In order to prevent his father from discovering him, Ye Tan hid aside and saw Shao Dian Youqin handing the canonized edict to his father. It seemed that he was determined to marry Qing Kui.

Ye Tan thought of another way, let Di Lanjue, the young master of the animal world, stir up the conflict between the Shen Yuan world and the heaven world at tomorrow’s wedding ceremony, causing the two armies to fight, and then slowly took Qing Kui away in the chaos. Di Lan absolutely agreed, but he actually wanted to snatch the two together, and let Ye Tan go back obediently to be his little princess in order to save his sister.

When Shaodian Youqin went to the Lower Realm, Yetan single-handedly made him have many distracting thoughts. He was full of worries, and asked Feichi to arrange the marriage for him, and he still had to let go of his desires. Xiaofeng encouraged Wudai to make the Shenyuan clan grand in tomorrow’s wedding ceremony, overwhelming the gods of the heavens.

Incited by his few words, Wu Dai was determined to let the God Realm take a good look at the bravery of the Shen Yuan Clan. The next day, Shen Clan and Shen Yuan Clan fought against each other, and Xiao Feng and Shao Dian You Qin recognized each other. Qing Kui and Ye Tan are dressed in fancy clothes, and each has its own merits. His father told him to be more cautious when he went to the heavens. As for Ye Tan, his father changed his tone and said with hatred , this time marrying Shen Yuan, don’t make troubles and embarrass him again.

Xiaofeng saw Yetan first, and realized that she was the woman who was with Shaodian Youqin yesterday, and knew that she had seen his face, and he absolutely couldn’t let her marry into Shen Yuanjie. But Shao Dian has a great master of Qin, and killing the concubine without authorization is also a capital crime, so he didn’t know how to do it for a while.

At this moment, Di Lanjue used an arrow to stir up conflicts between the two races but failed, so he used a magic weapon, flying sand and rocks all of a sudden, and slowly entered Ye Tan’s favored son who wanted to take her away, but Ye Tan refused. Shi should save Qing Kui instead of herself. Shaodian Youqin saw the pretender on the city wall, and chased after him, but Di Lan couldn’t beat him, so he ran away. Taking advantage of Shaodian Youqin’s absence, Xiaofeng managed to exchange Qingkui and Yetan for the wedding sedan chair, Qingkui didn’t suspect anything, but Yetan knew something bad was going on.

Di Lanjue learned that Ye Tan went to the heaven by mistake, and hurriedly summoned the army, but before he could take half a step, he was arrested by the people who ordered him to arrest him. Seeing that he had really arrived in the heavenly realm, Yetan wanted to explain to Shaodian Youqin, but was slowly stopped, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and enter the heavenly realm. At the same time, Qingkui also arrived at Chenhun Dao in the Shenyuan Realm.

She wanted to explain that she was going to marry Qingkui in the God Realm, but when she was reminded by the mocking wind, she definitely didn’t dare to say it again. Shaodian Youqin wants to step on the marriage bridge with Yetan to prove whether he is the destined person. Ye Tan was half afraid of being exposed, half fearful, and dared not leave without saying anything, but was still dragged onto the bridge by Shaodian Youqinsheng, mandarin ducks were flying in the sky, and the marriage bridge appeared. The two were surprised that they were each other man of destiny.

The gods of the heavens gave Yetan many treasures, and she was so happy that she didn’t know why, Shaodian Youqin ordered Feichi to take her to Tianpayuan, and then the mother god Nehong Shangshen wanted to see her. Entering the dormitory, Ye Tan released slowly, wanting her to teach her spells and transform these treasures into handkerchiefs. She planned to take these treasures, which were regarded as activation gold, to the lower world. Gradually, I was very shocked. I didn’t expect that she wanted to escape to the lower realm privately when she first came up.

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