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Under the Microscope 显微镜下的大明 Episode 2 Recap

When Shuai Jiamo was lying on the bed and sleeping, he recalled the vague memories of his childhood. He quickly got off the bed and heard Feng Biyu’s cries outside the door. Feng Baoyu, who was outside the door, quickly ran to his sister and talked about the Shencheng batch of goods. He also promised to finish it for his sister.

Feng Biyu was very pleased to know that his younger brother knew how to understand him, and then ordered his younger brother to go out in person. It was to let Shuai Jiamo stay at home. As soon as Feng Jiabao heard that his sister didn’t want Shuai Jiamo to go, he kept chasing after his sister and begged him to go to the provincial capital with him. After they walked into the house, Shuai Jiamo was found missing.

At this time, Shuai Jiamo ran to the gate of the magistrate and informed the other party that there was an error in Renhua County’s tax account book, and he hoped to get it corrected in time. , if you want to mention it, you need to go to Jin’an Mansion. Fang Fanzhen, the county magistrate, told his subordinates to beat gongs and drums outside the door, and soon Song Tongjuan Song Ren also came over, and he directly stepped forward to welcome him warmly.

When Shuai Jiamo arrived, before he could speak, the people inside asked him to come back tomorrow if he had something to do. He stopped the other party, and after the other party learned that he was a commoner, he told him not to get involved in this matter. Outside the door, Fang Fanzhen and Song Ren led many subordinates to greet Huang Zhifu respectfully. The sedan chair inside was still silent, and when Fang Fanzhen approached, he realized that there was no one inside.

At this time, the prefect Huang had already arrived at the alley ahead of time, Fang Fanzhen and Song Ren warmly greeted him after entering, and after the prefect Huang settled down, he even asked his subordinates to throw away all the greeting cards. Several county magistrates have been delaying their meeting, and he also knows that they want to show him off.

After Fang Fanzhen returned to the mansion, she complained about Huang Zhifu’s move, and his subordinates reported to him about Shuai Jiamo’s harassment. When he heard that it was a tax issue, he was furious and asked his subordinates to Beat the opponent’s stick ten times to show everyone.

Song Ren happened to bump into Shuai Jiamo who was being beaten on the street, and he pleaded for mercy to save him from other boards, and then walked to Shuai Jiamo’s side to remind him not to get involved in tax matters. Afterwards, Shuai Jiamo limped back home, and the room was pitch black at night. Feng Baoyu rushed home with his sister Feng Biyu, and was startled by Shuai Jiamo who was lying on the ground.

When Feng Biyu learned the truth, she also supported Shuai Jiamo to sue. She felt that she would not pay less for what should be paid, and would not pay more for what should not be paid. Feng Biyu suggested that Shuai Jiamo should raise him first. If you are so hurt, go to sue together. Later, Feng Biyu also discovered that the things carved on Shuai Jiamo’s wall were the same as the number of silk silks. She also knew that the other party was not in a daze, and he also had a goal he wanted to achieve. On the other side, Shuai Jiamo was lying on the bed, not forgetting Observe the numbers on the wall.

In the morning of the next day, Shuai Jiamo and Feng Baoyu went to the Renhua county magistrate to file a lawsuit. When the cause of personal conflicts, Feng Baoyu directly said that the quarrel was due to tax omissions. Because the two people calculated different numbers, they fought, and the people around them also talked about it after hearing it. Fan Zhen calculated the taxes carefully.

Feng Biyu also mixed in the crowd and intentionally stirred up everyone’s commotion, and Fang Fanzhen on the stage was hindered by the public’s reaction, so he had no choice but to lower his face and let Shuai Jiamo speak clearly, then Shuai Jiamo stood up and followed Everyone talked about the problem of taxation. When the common people heard that they had paid a huge amount of extra tax, they clamored for Fang Fanzhen to have the case tried.

Soon Shuai Jiamo stepped forward to sue on behalf of all the people in Renhua, but he was just an ordinary citizen, and Feng Baoyu also stepped forward to sue for him. After that, in Renhua County, the good news about Shuai Jiamo and Feng Baoyu spread widely, and everyone knew it. After seeing the situation, Huang Zhifu also felt that things were getting more and more interesting. When Zhen was playing chess, he also notified the other party to ask Shuai Jiamo to investigate the matter.

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