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Under the Microscope 显微镜下的大明 Episode 1 Recap

In the endless fields, Shuai Jiamo was dividing the land. The villagers couldn’t believe the crooked lines he drew. He also explained that this was the use of cutting fields, dividing the fields into Guitian, Xietian and so on. Afterwards, he continued to talk about Tian’s knowledge, but the villagers couldn’t understand them at all, and asked him not to tell himself such useless things.

A villager asked him that the land he measured was three mu and six cents. He took out his land deed from his pocket, which clearly stated that it was four mu of land. Looking at the missing four quarters of land, everyone commented One after another, Shuai Jiamo also turned around and continued to measure.

After confirming, he found that he had not made a mistake in the calculation, but the villagers did not believe what he said at all. Soon, the villagers on both sides scuffled together because of the land division. Shuai Jiamo A monk Erzhang left with the title deed in confusion.

The streets of Renhua County are bustling and bustling. Shuai Jiamo walked on the street alone, looking at the blueprint in his hand, and he was not affected by the surrounding environment at all. Soon he saw a huge beast. , Shuai Jiamo also stood there blankly, motionless, Feng Baoyu hurriedly stopped him at the critical moment, and he was going to take the other party to ask for money together.

Shuai Jiamo was still thinking about land distribution while walking on the road. He also knew that everyone thought he was wrong. After Feng Baoyu heard it, he asked him not to care about those villagers. He even made an appointment with the other party to go together The gambling house plays a stick of incense. When Feng Baoyu was at the poker table, Shuai Jiamo, who was hiding in the dark, was always helping him secretly.

In room D, an old man owed a lot of money and couldn’t pay it back. Lu Feilong directly asked him to pay off the debt with his daughter. When he was talking with the old man’s daughter, he was interrupted by cheers from outside the door. Feilong went out to find out, and the people beside him introduced Feng Baoyu and Shuai Jiamo to him.

When Lu Feilong heard that Shuai Jiamo was very famous, he also wanted to meet him for a while. After going out, he also immediately sat on the gambling table in front of Feng Baoyu, ready to gamble with Shuai Jiamo who was squatting in the corner . Soon, Shuai Jiamo and Lu Feilong were seated together, and the people around were watching the excitement. Shuai Jiamo on the poker table was not flustered at all, and had been staring at the things on the poker table carefully. Then he Sure enough, he showed the supreme card as expected, and everyone around him cheered loudly.

But another Supreme appeared on the card table again, and Lu Feilong also saw through that the two were cheating, and what he hated the most was that other people used such despicable methods, and soon got angry and asked his subordinates to kill Feng Baoyu and Shuai Jiamo. He fell down on the table and threatened them together.

Feng Biyu, who was in the room, also learned from her subordinates that her younger brother Feng Baoyu had caused trouble. Afterwards, she calmly carried a ham and ran to Lu Feilong to redeem him. Shuai Jiamo was not afraid at all. , He was still doing the calculations in the room, and he was not affected by the outside world at all.

Seeing that they didn’t hand over the real money, Lu Feilong ordered his men to fight Feng Baoyu and the others, Feng Biyu also fought back unceremoniously, and her younger brother accidentally fell into the river below the stage during the fight. After playing for a long time, Shuai Jiamo finally figured out the problem in the room, and only then did he realize the situation around him. Fang Fanzhen, the magistrate of Renhua County, was humming leisurely in the room.

His subordinates soon reported that the prefect Huang’s card had arrived. He had also inquired that he would arrive in Renhua County tomorrow, because today is the announcement day. He also asked his subordinates to report to the yamen and bring over all the case files, and before the prefect Huang arrived, he had to deal with those accumulated cases, so as not to be exploited.

Later, after Fang Fanzhen accepted Lu Feilong’s case, Cheng Renqing also appeared in front of the high platform. His glib tongue quickly made the county magistrate come up with an idea and decided to let the old man pay the land to Lu. flying dragon. When dealing with Feng Baoyu’s Dbo matter, the other party also deliberately favored Lu Feilong, and Feng Biyu also generously borne all the losses in terms of compensation.

Shuai Jiamo went back to the room and continued to calculate the problems. He also asked Feng Baoyu to accompany him to the shelf warehouse. In the warehouse, he suddenly recalled the things when he was a child, and he collapsed on the ground alone.

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