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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 26 Recap

Dressed in a green shirt, he went straight to Tianqi City, Xiao Se reined in his horse and stood, followed by Lei Wujie, Ye Ruoyi and others. Everyone gathered, except for the senior brother Tang Lian. Within a day, the news about the return of the current King Yong’an and the Sixth Prince Xiao Chuhe who dominated Tianqi back then spread throughout the city. The Red King Xiao Yu was upset, and the White King Xiao Chong wished to run for the heir apparent with him fairly.

Xiao Se took everyone to the palace with the same name as Xueluo Villa, and met the old butler Xu Bo. Xiao Yueli came to find Xiao Se in person, and after a few words from his uncle and nephew, he revealed that the little doctor Xian Huajin was in Tianqi to treat Emperor Mingde. Hua Jin heard that Xiao Se actually met an immortal in Penglai Xiandao, and while being happy, he thought about worshiping him as his teacher if he had the chance.

It has been a whole day since Xiao Se and others entered Tianqi City, and the greeting cards sent to Xueluo Villa were like snowflakes, but they were all stopped by Uncle Xu, obviously they were still waiting for the return of the senior brother. However, that night, the news of Tang Lian’s death came from the spider web of Xueyue City, which is known as the number one in the world. The three people present couldn’t accept this reality, and Lei Wujie was even more distraught.

Tang Lianyue set up a mourning hall in Tangmen, and Sikong Changfeng came to condolences and brought Tang Lian’s favorite wine, hoping that no matter how far he went, he would not forget the taste of romance. Sikong Qianluo sat at the door with tears in his eyes, missing his elder brother Tang Lian, and being bleak was also unpleasant, vowing to avenge him.

Because of this, Xiao Se met Ye Ruoyi alone, and decided to hold a banquet in Tianqi City, inviting all prominent figures, not only to deter and declare, but also to force out the blade hiding in the dark to attack again Come, the enemy hiding in the dark surfaced.

Ye Ruoyi was willing to be Xiao Se’s counselor, and personally drew up a guest list for him, including princes and nobles, high-ranking officials and dignitaries, as well as military generals and big merchants. The nobles represent the Xiao royal family, the dignitaries are the power of the aristocratic family, the generals are behind the Beili army, and the big families control the economic lifeline of the entire Tianqi.

As for the venue for the banquet, Xiao Se went the other way and appointed the Qianjin Terrace, the No. 1 casino in Tianqi. Afterwards, Xiao Se took Lei Wujie and Sikong Qianluo to Qianjintai, and explained his intentions straight to the point. The boss Tu Erye thought for a moment, and finally agreed to let Qianjintai prepare the imperial banquet.

In a short period of time, the news about Xiao Chuhe’s banquet at Qianjin Terrace spread throughout Tianqi City again, and the name of King Yong’an was not lost, only the word Xiao Se was used. Those who didn’t get the invitations were a little annoyed, proving that they didn’t have enough weight in the hearts of the Sixth Prince, and those who got the invitations didn’t have much ease. Xiao Chong and Xiao Yu naturally wouldn’t participate, and they would also guess the problem of standing in line.

The national teacher Qi Tianchen guessed that tomorrow’s banquet would be a bloodbath, but he still sent someone to prepare a small gift and send it to Yong’an Palace. Ye Ruoyi and the others knew that most of the guests on the list would not come to the banquet, but Ye Xiaoying didn’t take it seriously. He only cared about one person missing from the list, and this person was very important to Xiao Se.

In the afternoon of the next day, the Qianjin Terrace was filled with exquisite nanmu dining tables, and the maids and servants shuttled around. The banquet lasted from evening to midnight. No one in Tianqi City had dared to hold such a grand imperial banquet for many years. However, there was a line up on both sides to welcome the guests, but there was no visitor until Jiujiudao, the treasurer of Tianmingzhai, showed up with three disciples from the nineteen mansions.

Although the Three Sects and Nineteen Mansions belong to the alliance of the Nine Streams Sect in Tianqi City, they have many sects and involve various industries. Before Xiao Yu tried to win over many times but failed. confidant. Jiujiudao was humiliated as a lowly slave in his hometown back then, and was appreciated by Xiao Chuhe, and he has been loyal to him ever since.

But the appearance of Jiujiu Dao is not a bad thing for Xiao Chong and Xiao Yu. Xiao Se’s ability to make friends with these low-level people in the market is indeed his ability. If he can only make friends with these people, it will definitely affect his prestige. While everyone was waiting for the next guest, Mu Chunfeng entered Tianqi City in a mighty manner, with a high profile of being bleak and majestic, and his reputation was already spread before he arrived at Qianjintai.

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