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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 23 Recap

The so-called Mengpo soup is the most magical wine in the world, which can make people fall into a dream and recall the past, and it is difficult to wake up if they are addicted to it. Therefore, Baili Dongjun can really wake up, he still has to rely on his own will, and he went back to his youth in his dream, fresh clothes and angry horses, gifted scholars and beautiful ladies, a good relationship that was born in heaven turned out to be a pity.

The dream has lasted another ten years, the sky is full of camellias, Baili Dongjun and Yueyao reunited, as if they had met for the first time. It’s a pity that Baili Dongjun has been preparing for these years, completely forgetting that Yueyao’s body is dead and her soul disappears. Even if she drinks Mengpo soup, it is just an illusory dream. Life is a big dream, and death is a big awakening. Under Yueyao’s guidance, Baili Dongjun wakes up like a dream, and the past is gone.

After being enlightened, Baili Dongjun stepped into the realm of imaginary travel, and then led Tang Lian out of the cave. On the other hand, when Mo Yi came to meet Xiao Se and the others for an appointment, a ghostly look flashed in Ye Ruoyi’s eyes. Lei Wujie drew his sword out, Sikong Qianluo jumped up with a spear, Ye Ruoyi waved his sleeves, and the three jumped out at the same time, forming a formation of three talents around Mo Yi.

But Lei Wujie and Sikong Qianluo had never learned Taoism, Ye Ruoyi alone could not last long, Mo Yi broke this barrier with a snap of his fingers, and easily suppressed Xiao Se and the others. In order to save Ye Ruoyi, Lei Wujie forcibly entered the Xiaoyaotian Realm, but he was still not qualified to fight Mo Yi, and was soon seriously injured on the ground.

Fortunately, Baili Dongjun appeared in time and saw that Mo Yi wanted to use Ye Ruoyi’s body to carry his sister’s soul, that is, to use the corpse to resurrect the soul. Mo Yi was furious because of Baili Dongjun’s obstruction, and he took the lead in the attack regardless of his persuasion. The two of them came to midair in an instant.

The disciples of the Qin Tianjian saw the innate vision, personally worshiped Qi Tianchen, and helped him travel to the Penglai fairy mountain. Qi Tianchen and Mo Yi are brothers from the same school, they met again after decades of separation, things are different, and Mo Yi inherited the kindness of his teacher, and willingly accepted Qi Tianchen’s three blows, and remained unscathed.

Until the end of the three kneelings, the world seemed to be at a standstill. Qi Tianchen and Baili Dongjun knew that they were not Mo Yi’s opponents, but they still tried their best to fight. There have never been three strong men in the world. The duel between the strong, with the legs as the hilt, the body as the sword body, and the fist as the head of the sword. It is true that the human is the sword, and the human sword is one.

Surrounded by Qi Tianchen and Baili Dongjun, even Mo Yi, who was as strong as Mo Yi, couldn’t be as calm and unhurried as he was at first, and tried his best to resist and respond. Lei Wujie thought that if he wanted to exorcise demons, he needed to rely on the combined efforts of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, and he had learned the Invincible Fumoquan from Wuxin, so he decided to force himself into the Xiaoyaotian Realm, and punched Mo Yi one after another.

At the critical moment, Xiao Se noticed that Mo Yi had a strange expression on his face, and he suspected that he had fallen into a ghost, so he approached Mo Yi with Sikong Qianluo’s spear. Sure enough, Xiao Se used his inner demons to induce changes in the scenery around Mo Yi. First he met the immortal Mo Yi, and then he got a glimpse of the truth of the year. Mo Yi always thought that his younger sister was killed by indifferent people in the world, but unexpectedly, his younger sister wanted to die because she didn’t want to be a burden to Mo Yi.

In an instant, the illusion disappeared, and Mo Yi’s eyes regained clarity. He thanked Xiao Se for saving him, and in return gave him true energy to keep his meridians unbroken. After Mo Yi healed Xiao Se and protected Ye Ruoyi’s heart with true energy, as long as she did not suffer serious injuries in her life, she would be no different from ordinary people.

It was also because of this incident that Mo Yi decided to retreat and practice, and begged Baili Dongjun to protect him. Baili Dongjun readily agreed that he was willing to stay on Penglai Xiandao. As for the matter of Xueyue City, he had entrusted Sikong Changfeng and the others, and told Tang Lian, as a disciple of the younger generation, that it was time to take responsibility.

Tianqi, the imperial capital, holds annual sacrificial offerings every year, but this year is slightly different. Everyone is guessing whether Emperor Mingde will choose a new crown prince, and who the new crown prince will be. Bai Wang Xiaochong thought that his father might not write down Xiao Chuhe’s name, otherwise it would definitely bring him dangerous resistance.

From Xiao Chong’s point of view, although the sixth younger brother was exiled by Emperor Mingde back then, he didn’t seem to care about his safety, but who knew that the exile was not protecting Xiao Chuhe, because Tianqi City was the most dangerous place. On the other hand, Red King Xiao Yu is complacent and will sit on the crown prince, and feels that he has enough bargaining chips to kill Xiao Chuhe and use Xiao Chong’s hand to solve his biggest enemy.

On the way back to Dongji, Mu Chunfeng said that they are all teenagers, they are not sad when they lose, and they are not humble when they win. They hold swords in their hands and have intentions in their hearts. Lei Wujie harbored doubts in his heart, wondering whether the two met in Xueluo Mountain Villa before, whether it was due to fate or Xiao Se did it on purpose.

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