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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 21 Recap

The name of Guanchao Inn is elegant, but it is really dilapidated and deserted, and it is far from the sea, so it is obviously not worthy of the name. While Xiao Se was complaining a lot about this, Lei Wujie had already met the fisherwoman Zhenzhu whom he met yesterday, and learned through her that the Qingzhou Mu family paid a lot of money to recruit 60 men into the deep sea to search for medicine. Ren was hired by the Mu family.

Xiao Se and others came near the port where the big ship was moored, and found that everyone was teasing a small snake around a strong man. Tang Lian instantly recognized the snake as a golden thread viper. Eliminate the poison of snakes in the world. Almost at the same time, the golden thread snake seized the opportunity to bite the strong man, and the two men in black stepped forward to give the strong man an antidote in time, announcing that he had failed the examination.

Lei Wujie was dissatisfied with the Mu family’s behavior of spending money to buy their lives, so he raised his hand and knocked the golden thread snake to the ground. The middle-aged man who looked like a housekeeper hurried over, expressing that the head of the family wanted to meet them and invited them to the boat. The young man sitting in the cedar longboat is dressed in fine clothes and claims to be from his family to meet Xiao Se and the others. However, Xiao Se lied as Xiao Wuxin, Lei Wujie lied as Lei Shower, and Tang Lian claimed to be Tang Shisan Shao.

The man’s name is Mu Chunfeng, and he is the third son of the Mu family in Qingzhou. It is obvious that Xiao Se and his party have reported false names. Lei Wujie and Xiao Se frankly told each other their real names, but Tang Lian lied about her name being Tang Mohe again. As soon as these words came out, Lei Wujie and Xiao Se looked at Tang Lian with contempt, but Mu Chunfeng didn’t take it seriously. After inviting them to the table, he revealed that he went to sea to find three kinds of poisonous snake gall to treat impotence.

Xiao Se and Mu Chunfeng were negotiating a deal and were willing to take the risk to Three Snake Island for them, but Mu Chunfeng wanted to leave them a small boat and wait for seven days. After Mu Chunfeng thought for a while, he readily agreed to gather enough snake catchers in three days before setting off. Then Xiao Se took Lei Wujie and Tang Lian off the boat, convinced that a rich man like Mu Chunfeng was simple-minded and had no city, and it was worth their risk. Lei Wujie was even more happy to save the charter fee, and invited him The brothers sampled the green grouper.

At the same time, Li Hanyi became demented and angrily reprimanded Brother Lei Hong for causing her and Zhao Yuzhen to miss each other. Just when Li Hanyi was about to kill Lei Hong, Wuxin showed up at a critical moment, lamenting that he existed like a god-like light, and then he was a good person to the end, personally resolving Li Hanyi’s obsession.

Li Hanyi found Wuxin after regaining consciousness, and commented that he did not have Ye Dingzhi’s edge, and there was a big difference between father and son. Wuxin found the answer he wanted, and confirmed that Li Hanyi was not the murderer of his father, because Ye Dingzhi met a woman before he died, and it seems that he still needs to go to Tianqi City. Immediately after Li Hanyi and Lei Hong said goodbye to each other, Lei Hong had been infatuated for nearly half his life, after all, he couldn’t compare Zhao Yuzhen’s position in Li Hanyi’s heart.

The series of events that have happened now is enough to show that someone wants to disintegrate Xueyue City. Although Sikong Changfeng cares about the safety of Li Hanyi and others, as the three masters, he must not leave rashly, otherwise Xueyue City will be put in danger .

Xueyue City’s three allies are unreliable, Tang Sect’s stance is not clear enough, Leijiabao suffered heavy losses, and even Wen’s family is out of this world, so Xueyue City seems to dominate the rivers and lakes, but it is nothing more than a pawn on the apocalypse chessboard. Fortunately, Li Hanyi returned soon, and Sikong Changfeng checked her pulse to confirm that only 20% of her internal energy was left. It might be difficult to return to the Sword Fairyland within three years, and she had to stay in Xueyue City to recuperate.

Before setting off, Xiao Se, Lei Wujie and the others met Jin Wei, and Mu Chunfeng acted righteously. In the end, Xiao Se negotiated with Jin Wei alone, asking him to wait three days for a decisive battle on the shore to decide the outcome. Jin Wei thought about Xiao Chuhe’s promise, without any doubt, but Xiao Se had already taken Lei Wujie and Tang Lian away by boat, and Sikong Qianluo also ran into the boat.

In fact, Mu Chunfeng had already noticed that these people had extraordinary backgrounds. He recognized Sikong Qianluo and Tang Lian by virtue of his erudition, but he did not recognize the unknown Lei Wujie. Because Mu Chunfeng studied medicine since he was a child, he saw that Xiao Se was a dying person, so he wanted to treat him personally, but unexpectedly, the little doctor Xian Huajin’s medical skills were far superior to his, and he had to continue looking for the fairy mountain Penglai Island if he wanted to survive .

After sailing for many days, they were about to arrive at Three Snakes Island. Mu Chunfeng hosted a banquet for the four of them, which was regarded as a practice for them. Xiao Se thanked Mu Chunfeng for his generous action before, and simply revealed his true identity. Mu Chunfeng was shocked when he heard that Xiao Se was the sixth prince Xiao Chuhe.

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