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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 19 Recap

Mrs. Tang joined forces with Anhe, obviously to destroy Leimen, so the battle between Lei Hong and others can be described as a battle of life and death. Mu Yumo discovered that Lei Qianhu’s cold poison penetrated deep into his blood, and mocked him for trying to hold on, but even so, Lei Qianhu forcibly performed the ninth weight of the Wulei Tiangang Fist. Although he exerted great power, he would definitely die .

Lei Qianhu threw out a fist, and the momentum was several times stronger than before. If Su Changhe hadn’t appeared in time, Mu Yumo might have died under the punch. It was also because Lei Qianhu was near the end of his life that he passed the door master to Lei Hong when he was dying, and he died of anger after speaking. Lei Yunhe and Lei Hong fought against old master Tang and Su Changhe, and after several rounds of fighting, they had become weak, completely incomparable to the deep internal strength of old master Tang.

Lei Wujie, Xiao Se and others hurried over, Tang Lian was unwilling to help the Tang clan deal with the Lei family, and also unwilling to fight against the old Mrs. Tang, his identity made him fall into a dilemma. Lei Wujie, Sikong Qianluo, and Ye Ruoyi were seriously injured by Mrs. Tang one after another, and in the end Tang Lian was on the verge of dying.

At this critical moment, Xiao Se resolutely used the technique of circulation, and the reappearance of the Wuji stick shocked Mrs. Tang. Su Changhe sensed that Mr. Tang couldn’t hold on anymore, so he poured internal energy into his back. Mr. Tang swung both hands together to stop Xiao Se’s Promise Stick, and the two sides were in a stalemate.

However, in a duel between masters, life and death can only happen in an instant. Su Changhe secretly manipulated and killed Mr. Tang, slandered Xiao Se and killed Mr. Tang, and launched an attack on the grounds of revenge. Fortunately, Wuxin appeared in time to protect Xiao Se, and then Li Hanyi flew over and chased after Su Changhe, vowing to avenge Zhao Yuzhen.

Now that Old Master Tang is dead, the remaining disciples of the Tang Sect want to make a deal with Lei Yunhe. As long as they detoxify the guests in the hall, I hope that Lei Jiabao will declare that Old Master Lei died for fighting the dark river, and it will not damage the face of the two sects. . Even though Lei Yunhe was reluctant, but with hundreds of lives as bargaining chips, he had no choice but to agree to such brazen conditions.

The Grand Supervisor Jinxuan came to find Qi Tianchen, the national teacher, and wanted to find out who Emperor Mingde planned to designate as the successor to the throne. Qi Tianchen said that he had not received the decree, and only left sixteen characters for everyone to speculate. Red King Xiao Yu didn’t think so, but White King Xiao Chong thought about it seriously, and felt that this sentence was more like a motto than a suggestion.

Lei Wujie woke up and found that Tang Lian and others were there, but Xiao Se’s condition was more serious. Even if Wu Xin and Ru Jianxian tried their best, it was not satisfactory. At present, they can only suppress the injury. The three-day pill can at most keep Xiao Se’s heart for three days. Sikong Changfeng was very worried when he knew what happened to Lei Wujie and the others. Similarly, Hua Jin went to Leijiabao immediately after receiving the news.

During this period, Hua Jin has been on the road all the time, even the best horses can’t bear it, and they are almost exhausted on the road. It so happened that Hua Jin met Xiao Yueli who was dressed in simple clothes and was willing to take her to Leijiabao along the way. On the other hand, Ye Xiaoying heard about the situation in Leijiabao. Concerned about whether her daughter Ye Ruoyi was injured, she led the army to set off overnight.

Lei Wujie waited for the news at the door of the room until late at night, when the door was pushed open, Xie Xuan, who was always in a chic and unrestrained manner, inevitably showed a little bit of fatigue. Early the next morning, Lei Wujie was exhausted holding the sword in his hand, just as Ye Ruoyi and Sikong Qianluo called him back to his room to rest, he suddenly learned that a large number of officers and soldiers surrounded Leijiabao.

In fact, those people outside were not officers and soldiers, they were covered in armor, and they were full of hostility. The leader was even more burly and full of killing intent. He was clearly an army and general who had been on the battlefield. Lei Wujie stepped out and stopped in front of thousands of soldiers, holding a sword in his hand and refused to back down and let him go. This kind of youthful spirit caught Ye Xiaoying’s attention.

At the critical moment, Lei Yunhe walked out slowly, Lei Wujie knew Ye Xiaoying’s identity, and instantly became respectful, because he knew that the person in front of him was Ye Ruoyi’s father. Facing Lei Wujie’s sudden change of attitude, Lei Yunhe was obviously a little confused. When Ye Ruoyi’s voice sounded from behind, he suddenly realized, and gave Lei Wujie a meaningful look.

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