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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 17 Recap

Although Wuxin had suppressed Ye Ruoyi’s injury with his true energy, this suppression could not last long, and he intercepted Ye Ruoyi’s carrier pigeon asking for help from Xueyue City, and learned that Xiao Se and Lei Wujie were also hunted down. While Wuxin was talking to Tang Lian, Ming Hou suddenly appeared with a golden giant knife, and immediately saw another person, and the strong aura around him created enough oppression for them.

Before Wuxin could speak, Minghou jumped up first, swung his giant blade and slashed at the opponent. How could he know that the man’s sharp sword was not out of its sheath, and he had already forced Minghou back, Wuxin sighed when he saw this, never thought that he would meet such a peerless master as soon as he entered the rivers and lakes. Under Wuxin’s reminder, Tang Lian took Ye Ruoyi and fled without a trace without any hesitation.

For a moment, only Wuxin was left to fight against the man alone in the forest. As for Minghou, he was at best a foil, after all, he was not worth fighting against the Nujian Immortal. Ranked third among the five great sword celestial beings, the Nu Sword Immortal Yan Zhantian, holds a broken army sword in his hand, uses anger as his name, and uses anger to raise his sword. Now he is acting unreasonably like a child, insisting on defeating Wuxin to satisfy his regret that he did not fight Ye Dingzhi back then.

The old man of the Tang family heard that Tang Lian had escaped, so he didn’t pursue it further, but he could only pin his hopes on an old friend because he was concerned about causing trouble like Ye Xiaoying. However, before the old friend Nu Jianxian arrived, Anhe Mu Yumo came to visit suddenly. He was dressed in a dark purple dress, wearing a cloak to cover his face, with charming eyebrows and rippling eyes.

In a few words, Mu Yumo and Mrs. Tang reached a deal. I believe that it won’t be long before they can witness a wonderful drama. At this moment, Xiao Chong personally came to pick up the ninth brother to go home. The head of the family, Su Changhe, had already seen that Xiao Jinxia was pretending to be Xiao Chuhe. When the dark river sees light again, the price is to destroy Leimen and help him ascend the temple.

After leaving the dark river, Xiao Chong warned Xiao Jinxia to be cautious in everything. There are two kinds of people in this world. Some people will ignore everything for the sake of profit, and some will ignore the profit for the sake of friendship, just like the sixth prince Xiao Chuhe. So Xiao Chong admires such a person, and knows that he does not belong to this kind of person, but even so, he still has to stick to his background and maintain his principles.

From Xueluo Mountain Villa to Xueyue City, and then from Wangcheng Mountain to Leijiabao, Xiao Se and others have already experienced several times of embarrassment and embarrassment before they even arrived at Leijiabao. While Lei Wujie was still worrying about money, he suddenly saw the announcement to hire someone with medical skills, so Xiao Se had no choice but to donate Penglai Pill to the magistrate, but he didn’t expect that the woman who was in urgent need of treatment was Ye Ruoyi.

Xiao Se is not proficient in medical skills, but he found that Ye Ruoyi was able to survive until now, all thanks to the unintentional transfer of true energy. Tang Lian told Xiao Se and the others about what happened when she came here, and how she had no intention of fighting against a man with a strong sword spirit alone. Xiao Se identified this man through his description as Sword Immortal Fu, but now Xiao Se was even more curious about why there was no news from Sword Immortal Xueyue for so long.

At the same time, Li Hanyi was besieged by the three elders of the Tang Sect and Su Changhe and others, and Anhe specially set up a formation to completely suppress her. Sensing Li Hanyi’s situation, Zhao Yuzhen insisted on going down the mountain to look for it despite his master Yin Changsong’s obstruction. Before leaving, he asked Feixuan to remember that he would travel to the world in three months, and told Li Fansong that he was destined to have two mentors, so he would naturally meet a hermit. Yamano’s master.

Li Hanyi and Su Changhe fought for several rounds, and there was a tendency to die together, but under the suppression of the formation, the undefeated Sword Immortal was seriously injured. At the critical moment, Zhao Yuzhen descended from the sky with peach blossoms. After he placed Li Hanyi, he hung the wooden sword high in the air, and it transformed into hundreds of sword qi in an instant.

Taking advantage of Su Changhe’s fight with Zhao Yuzhen, the third elder of the Tang Sect directly threw a hidden weapon at Li Hanyi. The Rainstorm Pear Blossom Needle consisted of twenty-seven thin needles. Even Zhao Yuzhen tried his best to block it, but he couldn’t block the last one, which caused Li Han’s clothes to be poisoned by the needles and fell into a coma. Su Changhe knew that Zhao Yuzhen’s forcible use of the Shenyou sword would definitely be a blow to him, and was about to continue chasing him, when Qi Tianchen, the national teacher, suddenly stepped forward to stop him.

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