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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 18 Recap

Yu Wenliang had already noticed that Xiao Duo treated Buyinlou differently, which made Xiao Duo start to worry. He admitted that when he came to Xishu, he relied on staying away from the imperial city for a while. But he has never dared to admit that such unscrupulousness will eventually harm himself and Bu Yinlou. Cao Chun’an also reminded him that he and Bu Yinlou had no future at all, so it’s better to break it off as soon as possible.

Early the next morning, Buyinlou stayed in the yard, waiting for Xiao Duo to finish his work and talk to him. After waiting for a long time, Xiao Duo finally came out of the room, but he went straight out, as if he didn’t see himself at all. Buyinlou thought hard, but he didn’t know why, and felt very uncomfortable, so he went to Mingdinglou to talk to Mr. Liancheng. When going back, Bu Yinlou had sharp eyes and saw Xiao Duo’s back, and couldn’t help but feel joy in his heart. But this also made her more puzzled, what happened to Xiao Duo.

Seeing that Buyinlou was leaving Mingdinglou, Xiao Duo left quietly. Passing by a rouge shop, he bought a box of rouge and wanted to give it to Buyinlou. But Rouge was only held tightly in his hand, and after all, he couldn’t deliver it to the hands of his sweetheart. The haze in my heart has not yet dissipated, and there is a new problem over there-Qiu Yuebai has found it. Qiu Yuebai passed out without saying a word. Xiao Duo had no choice but to hide it in an empty room in the courtyard.

On this day, Buyinlou searched for a long time, and finally saw Xiao Duo outside the empty room. She was about to go up to talk to Xiao Duo, but Xiao Duo, Jiu Lang, and Cao Chun’ang stood at the door together in tacit understanding, blocking her from the door. Bu Yinlou didn’t become suspicious either, he took Xiao Duo away aggressively and left. Bu Yinlou dragged Xiao Duo to stroll on the street, and was indifferent to Xiao Duo in every possible way, pretending to be unwilling to talk to him.

Taking advantage of Jiu Jin, Bu Yinlou asked Xiao Duo why he was so indifferent to him suddenly. Xiao Duo was speechless and didn’t know how to comfort her. Seeing that Xiao Duo didn’t answer for a long time, Bu Yinlou was angry and anxious, and ran away by himself. Upon returning to Mengyunxuan, Buyinlou vaguely saw a strange woman. When she saw Qiu Yuebai with her own eyes, she suddenly woke up from the wine.

Cao Chun’an knelt in front of him, unable to think of an explanation for a long time. Just when he was mentally prepared to speak, Bu Yinlou preempted him. Bu Yinlou’s tone was sour, he congratulated Xiao Duo and Qiu Yuebai for meeting old acquaintances in a foreign land. Xiao Duo quickly grabbed Bu Yinlou’s hand, but was hit hard by Bu Yinlou. Xiao Duo had no choice but to let her go back to her room to rest first, and then explain to her after handling everything by herself.

After some questioning, Xiao Duo was still not sure that the person in front of him was Qiu Yuebai, A Duo’s opponent. But what is certain is that she must have been instigated by someone to come here. In order not to let Buyinlou get involved, Xiao Duo asked someone to take care of him and never let her associate with Qiu Yuebai. But Bu Yinlou, who didn’t know the truth, only thought that Xiao Duo was protecting Qiu Yuebai, and worried that he would be bad for her. The more Bu Yinlou thought about it, the angrier he became, he locked himself in the room and refused to eat.

Hearing that Xiao Duo just kept Qiu Yuebai in his room and didn’t get close to him, Yu Wenliang was not in a hurry, but thought it was a good thing. He asked Manager Rong to send Qiu Yuebai a bottle of medicine, intending to let Xiao Duo die on the way back to Beijing.

Here, Bu Yinlou became more and more curious about Qiu Yuebai, so he sneaked into her room with a trick. After hearing her say a few words, Bu Yinlou couldn’t help but wonder, if Qiu Yuebai is really Xiao Duo’s opponent, why he keeps neglecting her. Bu Yinlou couldn’t help thinking of the story Xiao Duo told before, and suspected that the Xiao Duo beside him might not be the real Xiao Duo. Just as she was thinking, Xiao Duo’s voice came from outside the door.

Qiu Yuebai immediately pulled Bu Yinlou’s hand over, pretending to be beaten by her. Bu Yinlou noticed Qiu Yuebai’s tricks, so he slapped her for real. But unexpectedly Xiao Duo ignored Qiu Yuebai at all, and went out holding Bu Yinlou’s hand. Bu Yinlou wants to hear Xiao Duo’s explanation, but now is not the time to tell the truth. Bu Yinlou got annoyed for a moment, left Xiao Duo’s hand and left. Xiao Duo felt displeased, and signaled to his subordinates that if Qiuyuebai made trouble again, they would poison her dumb.

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