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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 17 Recap

Early in the morning, Nanyuan King’s steward sent several beauties to Mengyunxuan. Seeing this, Tongyun couldn’t help being even more annoyed, but Buyinlou was very firm, saying that Xiao Duo would definitely not accept them. But this time it was beyond her expectation, Xiao Duo actually kept all those beauties. Hearing this, Buyinlou outside the door was furious, and hurriedly turned and left with the delicacies in his hand. But she missed the second half of the sentence. Xiao Duo kept these women in order to confuse King Nanyuan.

No matter how he thought about it, Bu Yinlou felt angry, so he went to Xiao Duo’s room to vent his anger. But she arranged everything in the room by herself, and she couldn’t bear to drop any of them. Just feeling depressed, those girls came in.

Bu Yinlou rolled his eyes and decided to tease them so that they would know where they went. Bu Yinlou did not reveal his identity, but lied that he was Xiao Duo’s opponent, adding fuel and vinegar to Xiao Duo’s harsh and perverted words. The girls had already heard that Xiao Zhangyin was a cannibalistic monster, and when they heard Bu Yinlou’s words with their own ears, they all disappeared in fright.

In addition to the Han people in Western Shu, all tribes gathered here, and their customs and habits blended with each other. Before a woman gets married, she has to make a pair of new shoes for the groom with her own hands. On the wedding day, the groom needs to put on the new shoes, implying that they will be together for a lifetime. Looking at the new pair of shoes at the wedding, Bu Yinlou immediately decided to make a pair of shoes for Xiao Duo. As soon as Buyinlou entered, Xiao Duo was asked to leave. Xiao Duo was frightened and panicked, but his hands obeyed and began to untie his belt. Bu Yinlou couldn’t help being speechless, and motioned him to take off his shoes.

Bu Yinlou squatted down and traced Xiao Duo’s feet carefully. Seeing that Buyinlou is so proficient, Xiao Duo couldn’t help feeling jealous, and joked if Buyinlou also made shoes for others. Bu Yinlou told Xiao Duo that he had made shoes for his mother before. Because my mother didn’t like to use the money my father gave me, I often made things by myself and sold them. And Buyinlou worked with his mother, and the two of them made a lot of money. Seeing Bu Yinlou talking about these things calmly, Xiao Duo couldn’t help feeling distressed.

In order for Xiao Duo to put on the new boots he made himself as soon as possible, Buyinlou put on the lights and fought hard at night. Early the next morning, Xiao Duo saw a new pair of boots beside his bed. Overjoyed, he put on his boots hastily. When he had something to go out, he carefully took off his boots and put them aside very solemnly. Knowing the meaning of the new boots from the steward, Xiao Duo couldn’t hide the smile on his face.

On the wedding night, Buyinge told King Nanyuan that Buyinge had an affair with Xiao Duo. And King Nanyuan also tested Xiao Duo before, and learned that there was indeed a counter-eating in his room. In order to prove this clue, King Nanyuan invited Buyinlou to his residence in the name of Buyinge. Buyinlou knew that this was a Hongmen banquet, but now he couldn’t ride a tiger, so he had no choice but to attend the banquet. However, she also kept an eye out and asked Cao Chun’an to inform Xiao Duo. After Xiao Duo knew what was going on, he guessed Nanyuan King’s trick, so he let nature take its course and went back home.

Just based on Buyinge’s few words, Buyinlou guessed what dishes were served at the Hongmen Banquet. She was full of contempt, saying that she and Xiao Duo were just pretending to be snakes, and she had actually disliked him a long time ago. Not only did Buyinge fail to get out of Buyinlou’s words, but he also lost his dowry, so angry that he was about to vomit blood. As soon as he returned to Mengyunxuan, Buyinlou happily wanted to tell Xiao Duo what happened today, but he had already fallen asleep. After Buyinlou returned to his room, Xiao Duo came out of his own room, but his face was gloomy, as if he had something on his mind.

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