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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 15 Recap

Since arriving at the temple, Murong Gaogong’s nightmare has finally improved. But he never thought that the person who made this tranquilizing incense was Queen Rong An. The Empress Dowager appreciated Rong An’s kindness and offered to take her back to the palace with her. Murong Gaogong couldn’t catch Rong An’s fault for a while, so he had to agree to the Queen Mother.

In Tong Yun’s view, the reason why the maids in the palace chose to have sex with the eunuchs was because they had no other way out. The life in the palace is lonely, and there is no hope for suffering. To face the eunuch is to find a eunuch, so as not to be bullied. Tong Yun also heard that those powerful father-in-laws are actually more powerful than the ordinary men outside, and many eunuchs in charge of the palace practiced their opponents to death. So Tong Yun couldn’t understand why his master liked an eunuch so much.

In the middle of the night, Buyinlou tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep no matter what, he got up and woke Xiao Duo up. The two of them talked through the partition of the room, knocking on the partition to make a sound. Bu Yinlou asked Xiao Duo if he liked him. Xiao Duo didn’t know how to answer for a while, so he had to pretend that he didn’t understand. Bu Yinlou felt bored, so he continued to lie down and sleep.

The big ship had already entered the river, and the rising fog almost swallowed the whole ship. And at this moment, a group of assassins rushed into the boat. Xiao Duo led his men to fight back, but in the end he was outnumbered and almost fell into the bitterly cold river. Xiao Duo’s sword pierced into the hull of the boat, and he only managed to avoid entering the water with all his strength. The assassin found him after a long time and was about to push him into the river. Bu Yinlou on the side was in a moment of anxiety, and regardless of his thin body, he raised a sword and rushed towards the assassin. The assassin couldn’t dodge and was stabbed by her.

Just as Bu Yinlou was about to pull Xiao Duo up, those assassins surrounded him again. Fortunately, Xiao Duo had already used his strength to board the boat, and Bu Yinlou was not injured. But another assassin stood up there, with a sharp arrow in his hand heading straight for Buyinlou. Seeing this, Xiao Duo immediately flew forward and pushed Bu Yinlou away, and he was also injured. Xiao Duo fell into the river due to inertia, Bu Yinlou also jumped down in a hurry.

The two were washed away by the river to a strange place, and when Buyinlou woke up, he helped Xiao Duo to the empty house not far away. Bu Yinlou wanted to help Xiao Duo pull out the sharp arrow, but he didn’t know whether it was because of fear or cold, his hands kept shaking, and he couldn’t pull out the arrow no matter what. Xiao Duo woke up slowly, and pulled out the arrow in his chest decisively. There was nothing unusual on Xiao Duo’s face, but Bu Yinlou beside him screamed in fright.

In the current situation, the two of them could only stay in this dilapidated house and wait for rescue. In the middle of the night, Buyinlou was too cold to sleep. Xiao Duo slowly moved his body, hugging Bu Yinlou in his arms. The two chatted about some past events, Xiao Duo called Buyinlou’s small character Zhuo Ying, and Buyinlou called Xiao Duo Fang Jiang. While Buyinlou was sound asleep, Xiao Duo couldn’t help but bowed his head and kissed her. But he suddenly felt that it was impolite, so he hurriedly left Buyinlou and went outside alone to calm down. It’s just that once the love comes out, it’s not easy to retreat. He brushed his lips happily, as if the breath of Buyinlou still remained.

Early the next morning, Buyinlou woke up from a dream. In the dream, Xiao Duo seemed to kiss her on his own initiative. She was puzzled and delighted at the same time, but suddenly found that Xiao Duo was nowhere to be seen. Knowing that Xiao Duo slept outside last night, Bu Yinlou showed great kindness and wanted to fish for him to make fish soup. But in the end, it was Xiao Duo who fished, Xiao Duo who killed fish, and even Xiao Duo who lit the fire. The two ate and drank enough, enjoying a rare sweet time. It’s just that such happy days are always fleeting, and soon, Cao Chun’an and the others found this place.

After many investigations, Xiao Duo was sure that the assassin last night was a member of King Nanyuan. Now that the matter has come to this point, Xiao Duo doesn’t want to think too much about it, he just wants to quickly kill King Nanyuan to end his long-standing wish. It’s just that now that he has a tie, he has hesitation in his heart. After thinking about it, he decided to tell Buyinlou about it. Bu Yinlou was worried, but she didn’t stop her, because she knew that Xiao Duo would not give up easily on what he had decided.

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