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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 15 Recap

Just when the White King Xiao Chong turned back to join the Ninth Brother, unexpectedly the Ninth Prince Xiao Jinxia had arrived at the dark river, walked up the river, and finally met a man in black with a paper umbrella at the end. Under his leadership, Xiao Jinxia saw Su Changhe, the head of the assassin organization Underworld, and discussed cooperation as Xiao Chuhe.

Lei Wujie first brought Xiao Se to Wangcheng Mountain. Zhao Yuzhen sensed Ting Yujian and mistakenly thought it was Li Hanyi who came to the door, but he didn’t expect it to be a young boy named Huo. For these years, Zhao Yuzhen has been waiting for Li Hanyi to appear, but he doesn’t know that Li Hanyi has been stopped by the elders many times, and the whole Wangcheng Mountain knows about it, but he is kept in the dark.

The real purpose of Lei Wujie’s coming to find Zhao Yuzhen this time is to persuade him to go down the mountain to meet Li Hanyi, and by the way, reveal that Leimen will hold a hero meeting soon. After Zhao Yuzhen hesitated for a moment, he read a poem and went back to the mountain. Monk Zhang Er was puzzled by Lei Wujie, and couldn’t figure out what he meant.

Afterwards, Lei Wujie and Xiao Se bid farewell to Li Fansong, and continued to rush to Lei’s house, but when they passed through the dark river, they suddenly encountered a group of killers, and these people were the killer organization occupying the top eight seats on the killer list. Lei Wujie tried to swing a sword, but he couldn’t hit him, so he quickly backed up and stood still, with a solemn expression, saying that there is no senior brother Tang Lian present today, and he has to rely on the two of them to deal with these killers.

As soon as the words fell, Xiao Se had fled from light kung fu, his mind was full of kung fu in the world, but the only thing that can’t be broken is fast. But the killer’s lightness skill is even better than him. Fortunately, Sikong Qianluo appeared in time, and a fog bomb made everyone escape. Lei Wujie wondered why Sikong Qianluo appeared here, and Sikong Qianluo would naturally not admit that he was following Xiao Se.

Umbrella ghost Su Muyu and Xie Qidao, the patriarch of the Xie family, joined forces to prevent Li Hanyi from going north, and the three fought fiercely for this. On the other hand, Lei Wujie and others dragged their weary pace into Jiuxiao City, and the smell of food was everywhere, but it was a pity that Lei Wujie lost his money bag and was penniless, Xiao Se cursed and urged Lei Wujie to find a way to make money.

After a while, a little flower seller came to Xiao Se and persuaded him to buy a bouquet of flowers for the lady beside him. Even though Xiao Se was always fussy, at this time he was quite generous, Sikong Qianluo was secretly happy while holding the bouquet. Lei Wujie really did everything he could to make money, and he actually used gunpowder performances to make some money, so they didn’t have to worry about having no money for food and accommodation.

Xuanwu envoy Tang Lianyue had received the news about Xiao Se, her face was extremely serious, Tang Lian brought Ye Ruoyi to report to her master, and accidentally learned that Ye Ruoyi deliberately lied that the Tang Sect had cures, but in fact she had other plans . Knowing Ye Ruoyi’s intentions, Tang Lianyue handed the Xuanwu Token to Tang Lian, indicating that the Tang Sect had been bought by Bai Wang Xiao Chong, and she might soon betray Xueyue City.

Sure enough, as soon as the words came out, all the disciples of the Tang Sect showed up, and Tang Lianyue asked Tang Lian to take Ye Ruoyi to leave, but the two met the old man right after they left the house. It was because of Tang Lianyue’s face that the old master did not make things difficult for Tang Lian and Ye Ruoyi and let them leave the Tang Sect. At the same time, Lei Wujie had no choice but to give Xiao Se and Sikong Qian some Yangchun noodles due to his lack of money.

Fortunately, Xiao Se didn’t think too much about it, and he was a little flattered by his uncharacteristically tolerant Lei Wujie. Lei Wujie talked eloquently about the meaning of friendship and responsibility, and Xiao Se couldn’t help asking him how he should choose if his guardian wanted to kill his brother. Before Xiao Se could reveal his identity, Sikong Qianluo and Lei Wujie suddenly felt powerless. Only then did the three realize that the man in black sitting next to him was actually the Mu family from the Underworld Organization. Mu Ying combined with Finger Drunk.

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