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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 31 Recap

Liu Shao’s inheritance of Yaoling’s divine essence means that she has a responsibility in the world, an opportunity that belongs to her, and finally chooses to seal it for Luo Ge. Although Luo Ge dissuaded him in every possible way, Liu Shao made up his mind, and then asked Shang Yurong and others to guard the formation. But in the process of sealing the primordial spirit, Zhuo Qiuxian was suddenly affected by hostility, which seriously injured Liu Shao.

Luo Ge found out that the hostility affecting Zhuo Qiuxuan should come from the Four Seasons Monument. Someone used the evil spirit of Huaguchi as a cover to break through Zhuo Qiuxuan’s defense. If the internal response is not eliminated, the Four Seasons Monument will collapse one day. Xian Weng was shocked when he heard a mysterious man’s voice while meditating, and Xie Lingqi also encountered a terrible thing in Huaguchi.

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