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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 30 Recap

Xie Lingqi and Wu Shiwei stopped the demonized disciple and bought Luo Ge time as much as possible until he opened the barrier crack and urged the demon king in white to take Wangling and Lingquan to leave first. Luo Ge decided to stay in the Yin and Yang Labyrinth to purify his hostility, and the upright and kind-hearted Wu Shiwei was willing to help, as did Xie Lingqi, and the three worked together to set up a formation.

When Liu Shao woke up and found herself in Yao Que, she was very anxious when she heard that Luo Ge hadn’t come out. Although Luo Ge sent her a voice transmission through Wangling, she still couldn’t hide her weak tone. Liu Shao really couldn’t feel at ease, and wanted to go back to the Yin and Yang Labyrinth to find Luo Ge, and under the reminder of the demon king in white, invited Shang Yurong to go with her.

Knowing this, Xian Weng was furious, angrily reprimanded and blamed Liu Shao, and Shang Yurong spoke out to relieve the siege. On the other hand, Mr. Afu is still stubborn. Knowing the relationship between Luo Ge and Luo Ning, even if he wants to disappoint Luo Ning, he still wants Luo Ge to die in the Yin and Yang Labyrinth, thinking that only by disappearing will it be beneficial to the Jishui tribe.

Xie Lingqi and Wu Shiwei searched for the Lingquan antidote, but Wu Shiwei was too poisoned and almost hurt Xie Lingqi. Fortunately, Luo Ge took the shot. Although Wu Shiwei has a firm heart and cultivates the mind of Xianju, after all, she has been trapped in the maze for thousands of years, and it is difficult to stay awake for a long time. Wu Shiwei knows this well, and still comforts her senior brother with a forced smile.

While speaking, Luo Ge sensed Liu Shao through Wangling, but unexpectedly she brought Shang Yurong here. Shang Yurong tried to use Donghua Fenhai to open the barrier, and Liu Shao also forced out the crown wheel of the Yaoling artifact at this time, and the two worked together to open the crack. With more and more demonized disciples, Wu Shiwei lost his soul in order to protect Xie Lingqi, leaving only a wisp of immortal essence. Xie Lingqi was distraught and begged Luo Ge to help him, but Luo Ge was helpless.

In the end, Xie Lingqi was disheartened and returned to Huaguchi to contemplate his mistakes. Liu Shao lamented Xie Lingqi’s infatuation and Wu Shiwei’s fate, thinking of herself and Luo Ge, she became more determined to seal Yao Lingyuanshen. However, Luo Ge didn’t know about this, and asked Wansui to help find the ancient magic medicine to repair Liu Shao’s body and improve his cultivation.

When Luo Ning heard that the matter of the Yin-Yang Labyrinth had been resolved, he finally felt relieved, and because the demon king in white was seriously injured, he directly took out the bone erosion harp to heal his wounds. The white-clothed demon tactfully declined Luo Ning’s kindness, and only hoped that she could lift the curse of the clansmen. Luo Ning tried to play the bone-piercing harp, but unexpectedly, he couldn’t do what he wanted.

Luo Ning was puzzled by this incident, and suddenly remembered that the curse was caused by the Demon King and Zeshui Fairy, and maybe the Po-Shuo Shu knew the secret. But the problem is that Luo Ning has failed to communicate many times, so he has no choice but to find another way. He is going to go back to Xianju to ask Shang Yurong and the others. It should be a matter of discussing marriage proposals with my brother.

Liu Shao knew that in order to seal the Yuanshen, she had to have three Taoist priests who were above immortals to help out. Although Shang Yurong promised to help, she really didn’t know how to persuade Zhuo Qiuxian. Long live thinks that Shang Yurong should be the one to persuade, Zhuo Qiuxian has been very kind to Shang Yurong in recent days, and there will definitely be no problems.

Then, in the process of searching for the ancient magic medicine, Wan Sui told Luo Ge that he still needed the Thousand Fantasy Star Stone, which was collected by the Demon King thousands of years ago. It just so happened that the demon king in white came to see Luo Ge on his own initiative, hoping that the fairy and demon worlds would restrain themselves and live in peace from then on. Luo Ge is naturally willing to see such a situation, but someone is causing trouble.

Apparently, Luo Ge knew A Fujun’s behavior well. The reason why he didn’t catch him and hold him accountable was entirely for the sake of the demon king in white, but it didn’t mean he would continue to indulge him. The demon king in white understood what Luo Ge meant, and agreed to find the Thousand Illusory Star Stone for him. After returning to the Jishui tribe, he used his demon power to find the whereabouts of the treasure.

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