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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 14 Recap

As soon as Buyinlou arrived at Bufu in Fushui Town, he met his old neighbor, the aunt. The aunt told Buyinlou that her mother died of illness half a year ago, and there was not even a condolence person. Buyinlou rushed to the bamboo forest in a hurry and saw her mother’s grave with her own eyes, so she believed that she really did not have a mother. The emotions that had been suppressed erupted at this moment, and she cried and slumped on the ground uncontrollably. Xiao Duo didn’t say a word, he just stepped forward and hugged her, making her cry wantonly.

Xiao Duo protects Buyinlou and returns to Bufu in the capital, where the Bufu family knelt down to accept the crime. Seeing that Bu Yinlou hadn’t said a word, Taifu Bu preemptively threatened to teach Mrs. Bu himself. Unexpectedly, Bu Yinlou did not object. Mrs. Bu was so frightened that she passed out and was finally taken away by people from Zhaoding Division. Bu Taifu also wanted to plead with Bu Yinlou with the love of father and daughter, but unexpectedly, he was speechless by the words of Bu Yinlou and Xiao Duo.

In fact, after so many things, Bu Yinlou no longer has father-daughter affection for Bu Taifu, she just feels sad for her mother. Although she was young at that time, Buyinlou could feel that her mother had a father in her heart. However, the silk sash woven by mother herself rarely appeared on father’s body. Now that my mother is gone, as far as Buyinlou is concerned, there is really no home. Hearing this, Xiao Duo immediately refuted her. When Bu Yinlou understood his consciousness, his heart couldn’t help but feel warm, and today’s haze gradually dissipated.

There have been rumors about Buyinlou and Murong Gaogong, and even some ministers couldn’t help admonishing them in the court. Xiao Duo suggested that it would be better to avoid it than to block it, and gave way to Bu Yinlou to take refuge in Xishu temporarily on the grounds of sending his daughter-in-law to marry. As time passed, the rumors naturally dispersed. But Murong Gaogong was stubborn and refused to leave Bu Yinlou even half a step away from him. Xiao Duo couldn’t help reminding him that if he wants to be a benevolent king in the world, he must not be left in vain.

Hearing this, Murong Gaogong suddenly became angry. It just occurred to him that Bu Yinlou seemed to have said something similar just now. Since it was Buyinlou’s expectation for him, Murong Gaogong was willing to accept Xiao Duo’s suggestion, and took the opportunity to take away the power of approval. In fact, all of this is in Xiao Duo’s plan, Buyinlou’s expectations are arranged, and Xiao Duo has already guessed that the power will be taken away.

Buyinge thought that Buyinlou had lost power in the palace, so he was arranged to be in the procession to see off his relatives. Taking advantage of this time, she would not let go of the opportunity to toss the Buyinlou, and asked people to throw all the luggage of the Buyinlou down as soon as she got on the boat. Buyinlou didn’t stop him, but walked forward with a sneer, and threw the luggage of Buyin Pavilion into the river. Buyinge was about to step forward, but he was slapped severely by Buyinlou. Before she could react, she was slapped by Bu Yinlou again.

Buyinge covered his face in a panic, and ordered the servants beside him to avenge himself. The servants made gestures to make a move, but Xiao Duo rushed over suddenly. Xiao Duo ordered Cao Chun’an to take Buyinge to the boat. And Xiao Duo himself took this opportunity to ride with Buyinlou. Watching these two people flirting with each other all day long, the affection almost involved other people, Cao Chun’an couldn’t help but remind Xiao Duo, be careful if Murong Gaogong catches them, it might harm them.

The big boat sailed slowly in the river, but Buyinlou kept vomiting because of seasickness. After Xiao Duo found out, he hurried to Buyin’s building with the soup. But the decoction had bottomed out, and Buyinlou still felt uncomfortable. Hearing that pressing the Jiuwei acupoint can relieve discomfort, Bu Yinlou boldly asked Xiao Duo to press the acupoint for him.

Xiao Duo’s hand slowly reached out to Bu Yinlou’s waist, and Bu Yinlou stopped his hand in fright. Xiao Duo was a little shy, and explained that the Jiuwei point was at the waist. Bu Yinlou was in a dilemma, so he had to let Xiao Duo continue. Seeing Xiao Duo’s shy appearance, Bu Yinlou became interested and teased him. Xiao Duo only felt hot all over, and hurried back to his room.

Empress Rong An concocted an incense that could make people fall into nightmares, and sent them to the palace. That night, Murong Gaogong fell asleep smelling the fragrance, and fell into a nightmare, dreaming of the dead King Rong.

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