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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 13 Recap

Buyinlou held a river lantern and asked Xiao Duo to make a wish. Xiao Duo lowered his eyes and sincerely made a wish to the river lantern. He only wished that the prosperous age would be clear and bright, that the mountains and rivers would last forever, that the common people would no longer be separated from their loved ones, and that the world would no longer need people like himself. Hearing this, Bu Yinlou quickly interrupted him. Because Bu Yinlou knew that the Zhaoding Guards who followed Xiao Duo were all from poor people, most of them were orphans, and they found a way to survive after entering Zhaoding Division.

Not only Zhaodingsi’s brothers need Xiao Duo, but Buyinlou also needs him. Because Bu Yinlou knew that Xiao Duo had suffered so much, he just hoped that the people would no longer suffer what he had suffered. Xiao Duo seems to have done all kinds of bad things, but his sword only kills corrupt officials. He bears a whole body of infamy, but he actually guards the country and the common people. Looking at the river lantern slowly drifting away, Xiao Duo sincerely thanked Buyinlou, it was her who made him start to like himself slowly.

Afterwards, the two went outside to enjoy the dancers dancing. Bu Yinlou imitated the dancer’s movements, although clumsy but really cute. At this moment, Xiao Duo secretly made a wish in his heart. When he was reaching out to caress Bu Yinlou’s face, Murong Gaogong appeared out of nowhere and interrupted their date. Murong Gaogong took Buyinlou away without any explanation, and took her to admire the lanterns all over the courtyard. Bu Yinlou was reluctant, but he had to follow him.

In the bustling market, someone suddenly ran over, and the people on the street dispersed in all directions. In the chaos, a pillar fell straight down, Murong Gaogong hurriedly used his body to protect Buyinlou, while Xiao Duo quickly controlled the assassin. Knowing that this moment was Nanyuan Wang’s spy in the capital, Murong Gaogong was so angry that he drew his sword and stabbed him to death. Later, Murong Gaogong took him back to the palace on the grounds of protecting Buyinlou.

Before Buyinlou left, Xiao Duo finally couldn’t bear to go to her room. But facing Bu Yinlou, the words to persuade him to stay were still stuck in his throat. Helpless, Xiao Duo had no choice but to go to the palace to find a solution. Unexpectedly, he met Mrs. Bu. The first emperor once proposed a marriage for the first daughter of the Bu family, and promised to be the side concubine of King Nanyuan. But according to the current situation, Mrs. Bu naturally didn’t want her precious daughter to marry, so she clamored to see the Queen Mother. Xiao Duo had an idea and came up with a roundabout strategy.

He advised Murong Gaogong that he could send off his relatives as an excuse, so he went to Xishu first, and waited for an opportunity to act after finding out the details of King Nanyuan. According to the current situation, King Nanyuan might make a big fuss about the Buyinlou incident. Murong Gaogong readily accepted the previous proposal, and sent Xiao Duo to send his relatives off in person. In fact, Murong Gaogong also has his own plans, he wants to take advantage of Xiao Duo’s departure from Beijing this time, and gradually take over the power.

The news of sending off the bride soon spread to Bu’s house. Mrs. Bu couldn’t bear the suffering of her precious woman, so she wanted to let Bu Yinlou marry again. The first step is to lure Buyinlou back to Bufu on the grounds that Buyinlou’s mother is sick. But the name of Buyinlou didn’t even occur to me, this time I went home, not only did I not see my mother, but was also locked up by Mrs. Bu. After Xiao Duo learned about this, he hurried to Bufu.

Xiao Duo came to Bufu aggressively and asked Bufu to hand over Buyinlou. Bu Taifu on the side is also very puzzled, Buyinlou seems to have been in Xiao Duo’s residence. Cao Chun’an quickly found Tong Yun, and only then did he know that Bu Yinlou had been tied into the carriage to send his relatives off. After Buyinlou woke up, he fled immediately, but was overtaken by officers and soldiers within a few steps. In a critical moment, Xiao Duo appeared in time to save her. Bu Yinlou didn’t have time to explain, and immediately went to Fushui Town with Xiao Duo.

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