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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 29 Recap

Mr. A Fu deliberately put the Jishui tribe into a desperate situation, and led the crowd to force the demon king in white to make a decision. For this reason, he did not hesitate to hurt his own soul, and staged a bitter trick. Sure enough, the demon king in white was eager to protect his younger brother, and hurried to Xianju to seek Luo Ning’s help, hoping that she could lift the curse of Jishui. Even though Luo Ning hated A Fu Jun’s deceit, she still cared about A Fu Jun’s safety.

The hostility of the Four Seasons Monument did not continue to leak out, and the turmoil between the human world and the demon world gradually subsided. Bai Feng ran to Wuyanghou’s mansion to shout, and set up a maze to trap Liu Shao, poisoning him with the strange poison of moonlight and heavenly fragrance, until Luo Ge appeared to break the formation, Liu Shao had already been taken away by Bai Feng, and Wang Ling could not Detect whereabouts.

Luo Ning came to Yaoque alone, and accidentally discovered the painful scene of Jishui people leaving the water to die. Just as she was about to rescue her, she was suddenly attacked by vines. Fortunately, Mr. A Fu appeared in time. In order to protect the Jishui people, Mr. Tai had specially set up traps around. Unexpectedly, Luo Ning hit and triggered the trap by mistake. Mr. Afu issued a warning to Mr. Tai and ordered no one to hurt Luo Ning at all.

Instigated by Mr. A Fu, Bai Feng deliberately threw willow shoots into the forest to attract the demon king in white. The white-clothed demon monarch placed Liushao in the Jishui tribe, and learned from Tai Lao that she was contaminated with a strange fragrance, which could only be resolved by the Rilong Lingquan in the Yin and Yang Labyrinth. Because of the moonlight and heavenly fragrance, Baifeng was unable to mobilize her spiritual power, and the demon king in white didn’t want her to venture into the maze of yin and yang alone, so he decided to go with her.

When Luo Ge learned about this, he came to Huaguchi to question Xie Lingqi, so as to know the ins and outs of it. Thousands of years ago, God Yao Ling cleaned up the hostility in the labyrinth, and the remaining impurities turned into Lingquan and Tianxiang. The two complement each other, and the hatred condenses. Mind, completely turned into a killing demon.

It is precisely because it is easy to enter and difficult to get out of the Yin-Yang Labyrinth, in order to get the spiritual spring, the old palace master Shang did not hesitate to let the three palace disciples go in and die in batches, including Xie Lingqi and his junior sister Wu Shiwei. Xie Lingqi kept an eye out and took Tianxiang and Lingquan to get out before the crack closed, but he was besieged halfway, and Wu Shiwei sacrificed himself to protect him and left, thus staying in the labyrinth.

Now there are hundreds of lost disciples in the Yin Yang Labyrinth, Xie Lingqi wants to save his junior sister, and begs to go with Luo Ge, only he knows the location of the crack. At the same time, Yaojun in white and Liu Shao encountered demonized disciples and resisted with difficulty. Fortunately, Luo Ge and Xie Lingqi descended from the sky, and the four met here.

Seeing Luo Ning waking up, Mr. A Fu coaxed her well with sweet words, and comforted her not to worry too much. He believed that the combination of Luo Ge Shangxian and the white-clothed demon king would surely avert danger. Luo Ning thinks of the tragic death of the Jishui people, and gradually understands why Mr. Afu is obsessed with breaking the curse. Mr. Afu also tells the tragic past of the tribe, and by the way, asks Luo Ning to stay in the Jishui tribe and other news.

Since the Shengmen of the Four Seasons Monument is connected to the Bone Pond, and the Gate of Death goes straight to the Yin-Yang Miku, resentment has accumulated for thousands of years, and the rash entry of Luo Ge and others will definitely cause fluctuations in the resentment of the demonized disciples, and then the Monument of the Four Seasons will be turbulent. The top priority should be to obtain the spiritual spring as soon as possible. Luo Ge led away many demonized disciples alone, the demon king in white took the opportunity to take out the spiritual spring, and Xie Lingqi protected Liu Shao.

However, during this period, a demonized disciple suddenly attacked Xie Lingqi. After Xie Lingqi took a closer look, he found that it was actually a junior sister whom he had not seen for a thousand years. Just as Wu Shiwei swung his sword at Xie Lingqi, Xie Lingqi yelled her name. Finally, she regained her memory and clear consciousness, hugged her brother and wept with joy.

Liu Shao fell into a coma due to poison, and Luo Ge wanted to use Lingquan to refine the antidote for her, but was stopped by Wu Shiwei, because the demonized disciples would go crazy and come here when they smelled Lingquan, and there was not enough time to refine it. Luo Ge sealed Liushao Yuanshen in the moon-watching bell, Wu Shiwei knew the location of the crack, and led them to the edge of the barrier. Affected by the power of yin and yang, the demon king in white couldn’t use the water element at all, so he had to rely on Luo Ge to open the crack.

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