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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 28 Recap

Just as the demon king in white was about to send Liu Shao away from Yao Que, and told her to pay attention to the matter of sealing Yaoling Yuanshen, Mr. Afu suddenly came over and mocked his brother for his deep love for Liu Shao, and in the end he could only give silently. Liu Shao heard that the demon king in white had his right arm scrapped because of him, and he blamed himself very much. Mr. Afu angrily accused Liu Shao of alienating his relationship with Luo Ning, but was refuted by Liu Shao.

It was also under Liu Shao’s questioning that Mr. A Fu recalled that he was so quick to talk before, and finally reaped the consequences. Mr. A Fu knew that it would be useless to talk too much, so he handed a sachet to Luo Ning, which contained the beads he condensed with the demon essence. Luo Ning could use this object to summon or control, even if it made him think about life and death between. Luo Ning gently pinched the Yao Yuanzhu, sure enough, Mr. A Fu was in pain, and she left without staying too long.

The demon king in white looked at his younger brother helplessly and sympathetically, and was about to say something to comfort him, but unexpectedly, Mr. A Fu returned to his previous arrogant appearance, saying that the reason why he did this was to create an opportunity to enter and exit the fairy house. Although Luo Ning seemed to be breaking up with A Fujun on the surface, he couldn’t let him go in his heart, and he could also use the Yao Yuanzhu to find out information in Xianju. Hearing A Fujun’s words, the demon king in white told him not to make trouble anymore, and that the three realms live in peace is the right way.

During this period of time, Shang Yurong and Wansui were looking through ancient books in the Chonghua Palace to find the way to undo the restraint, and happened to see that the crown wheel can stop all evil spirits. When Wansui was talking about the relationship between the crown wheel and Yaoling God, Luo Ge had already sensed that Liu Shao had returned to the fairy house, but Liu Shao did not come to Chonghua Palace first, but borrowed the tears of the half-demon from Luo Ning, begging She helped her keep secret that she wanted to seal Yuanshen, and Luo Ning reluctantly agreed.

That night, Mr. A Fu sneaked into the fairy house with the help of Yao Yuanzhu, vowed that he would never let Luo Ning leave him in this life, and then went to see Hei Yueguang alone. Now that Black Moonlight is still on Xie Lingqi’s body, it is up to him to obtain the relic of the God of Moonlight. Although the relic once came from the Yin-Yang Labyrinth and belonged to Xie Lingqi, it has now been transported out of the Immortal Residence by Lord Afu.

Luo Ge sensed the hostility, and immediately came to Huaguchi, and eliminated the black moonlight from Xie Lingqi’s body with one palm. But even so, Luo Ge still felt that hostility was hidden in other places, and Shang Yurong suddenly thought of the Yin and Yang Labyrinth. The so-called Yin-Yang Miku is a forbidden place in the fairy house, surrounded by hostility all the year round, until Shang Yurong’s father cast a magic seal to strengthen the barrier.

However, no one can guarantee whether the hostility in the labyrinth is too turbulent. After all, Shang Yurong had already practiced Donghua Burning Sea back then, and he should have been the most expected to be ranked among the immortals, but he was injured by the hostility and damaged his immortal roots If you want to become an immortal, you must open the evening wheel formation, and you have to sacrifice immortal cultivators above Taoist priests.

So for so many years, behind Shang Yurong’s cynical, seemingly ineffective, it was actually to protect her senior sister Zhuo Qiuxuan. Unexpectedly, Zhuo Qiuxuan heard that Shang Yurong had cultivated Donghua Burning Sea without telling him, and didn’t know his difficulties, so he whipped and blamed him in a rage, until Luo Ge came forward to tell the truth, Zhuo Qiuxuan felt sad and guilty.

Mr. A Fu brought another bottle of elixir to Baifeng to heal the eyes, and gave her a task to continue leading the monster clan to bring chaos to the world. Then Mr. A Fu came to Luo Ning’s room again, but was ambushed and imprisoned by Luo Ning. Luo Ning scolded Mr. A Fu for lying, and crushed his Yao Yuanzhu on the spot, breaking with him.

Seriously injured, Mr. A Fu returned to the Jishui tribe, realizing how weak his own power was, and vowed to seize the power of the demon king, overthrow the Monument of the Four Seasons, and trap Luo Ning in the Jishui demon gate, from which he would never be able to escape. Mr. Tai was persuaded by Mr. A Fu, and joined forces with him to make the Yao Que into chaos. The Yao Lord in white almost used all his demon power to stabilize the Jishui tribe. A Fujun and Tailao led the Jishui tribe to force the demon king in white to agree to declare war on Xianju. Only by rescuing the Moonlight God can the curse be completely lifted.

At the same time, a group of monsters attacked the people and the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion. Luo Ge had a very bad premonition, as if there was an undercurrent of power surging. Liu Shao hurriedly went to the mortal world to help the disciples calm down the situation, but when she learned that something happened at the same time in the human world and the demon world, she felt that it was too strange.

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