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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 12 Recap

Xiao Duo was so angry that he almost jumped up when he learned that Buyin was dancing on the flower window upstairs to attract customers, and even pretended to be explaining his dreams. He planned to ask Cao Chun’an to visit Menglu again the next day, but Cao Chun’an was annoyed by Tong Yun’s remark that “eunuchs also visit brothels”, so he resolutely rejected Xiao Duo. Xiao Duo thought hard and hesitated for a whole night. Early the next morning, he finally decided to go to Menglu himself.

Here, Wanwan wanted to play Cuju, but Yuwen Liangxu was not there. Helpless, she had no choice but to go to Buyinlou to relieve her boredom, but unexpectedly the other party went to Menglu. There are quite a lot of rules in Menglu, and guests can only enter after the window throws flowers. However, there is still an hour before the opening of the Menglu flower window, even if Wanwan spends money, she can only be rejected. At this moment, Xiao Duo suddenly flashed out, and broke into Menglu very arrogantly. Wanwan, who was ignored by the side, just thought it was interesting, so she pulled the maid to enter through the back door.

As soon as Wanwan entered the door, she saw Meng Jieyu following the sound of the piano. Just as she was admiring the beauty playing the piano, Yuwen Liangxu suddenly appeared in disheveled clothes. Yuwen Liangxu hurried forward to explain, but accidentally let his pants fall off. Meng Jieyu told Wanwan that Yuwen Liangxu was here for nothing but to learn how to hook her up. Hearing this, Wanwan felt ashamed and angry, and chased after Yuwen Liangxu to fight.

In this world, the most irresistible temptation is emotion. But Xiao Duo seems to have been deeply involved, unable to extricate himself. Bu Yinlou was practicing dancing, but he caught a glimpse of Xiao Duo. She was so frightened that she couldn’t stand still, and she fell straight into the water, but fortunately Xiao Duo had quick eyesight and hands to support her. The two looked at each other, clearly feeling each other’s breath. In the dense mist, an ambiguous breath rose up, and the minds of the two seemed to be disturbed by this breath, and they didn’t know how to end it for a while. It wasn’t until Meng Jieyu came in that the two came back to their senses.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely awkward, Xiao Duo straightened Buyinlou, and signaled that he would wait for her by the side. Although he tried his best to be calm, his sword unwittingly exposed his disguise at this time. Because he was too nervous just now, he threw his precious sword into the water like this. After saving Buyinlou, he remembered his sword.

Before Xiao Duo said anything, Bu Yinlou guessed that he was here to pick him up and go home. When parting, Meng Jieyu told Bu Yinlou that he was indeed waiting for someone, but that person went to the battlefield and disappeared. She also told Bu Yinlou that if you meet someone you like, you must seize the opportunity. Bu Yinlou couldn’t help thinking about her relationship with Xiao Duo. After thinking about it, she couldn’t help guessing that Xiao Duo was coveting her.

The moon is heavy and the evening breeze is gentle. Xiao Duo tossed and turned, and couldn’t help but see the scene of Buyinlou dancing today in his mind. He simply got up and went outside to relax, but he didn’t expect to see Cao Chun’an as soon as he opened the door. Hearing Cao Chun’an talking about liking, Xiao Duo’s heart became even more confused.

Today is the Shangyuan Festival, Yuwen Liangxu took the initiative to find Xiao Duo, and asked him to help him express his gracefulness. Although Xiao Duo rejected Yuwen Liangxu, he understood a truth from him, that is to compete with the person he likes forever. After being deflated by Xiao Duo, Yuwen Liangxu had no choice but to ask Buyinlou for help. Buyinlou’s determination to win or lose was ignited, and he agreed to Yuwen Liangxu with a slap on the thigh. But when she walked in front of Xiao Duo, she couldn’t say anything.

But Xiao Duo guessed exactly what Bu Yinlou was thinking, knowing that she came here this time to persuade him to help Yuwen Liangxu. But he felt that it was inappropriate for Yuwen Liangxu and Wanwan to get too close. Buyinlou uttered cruel words to Yuwen Liangxu, but naturally he refused to give up easily, so he proposed to go with him. Unexpectedly, Xiao Duo still firmly refused. Bu Yinlou couldn’t get angry, so he decided to go out in person and go to the palace gate to block Wanwan. As everyone knows, Xiao Duo has already entered the palace to make an appointment with Wanwan.

As night fell, the inside and outside of the palace city were still brightly lit, making it very lively. Bu Yinlou waited for a long time, Wanwan and Xiao Duo finally arrived late. While watching the dancers dancing, Xiao Duo suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled Bu Yinlou to a distance. Before Bu Yinlou could react, he saw Yuwen Liangxu emerging from the float on the stage. Seeing this, Wanwan was about to get angry, but Yuwen Liangxu tied her to the float.

In order to confirm his conjecture, Bu Yinlou dragged Xiao Duo to another place. But as they walked, the two separated. Bu Yinlou was looking for Xiao Duo everywhere, but unexpectedly he appeared from behind with a lantern. Gorgeous fireworks lit up in the sky, and the two smiled at each other, adding a bit of sweetness to the atmosphere. Xiao Duo talked about A Duo with Bu Yinlou, with a sad look in his eyes.

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