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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 27 Recap

Now that Xiyin Mountain is stable, and the crisis in the Three Realms is lifted, Liu Zhi mistakenly thinks that Luo Ge has completely forgotten himself, and eventually passes out from exhaustion. Luo Ge hugged Liu Shao without hesitation, and before leaving, he warned the demon king in white that if he wanted him to let Mr. A Fu go, he had to send his younger sister Luo Ning back to Xianju.

After returning to the residence, Luo Ge personally healed Liu Shao until she gradually woke up. Through this incident, Luo Ge faced up to his inner feelings, and told Liu Shao about the conflict between Phoenix Tears and the Soul-eating Curse, so that he would no longer be tortured by the Soul-eating Curse, let alone forget each other’s memories. Liu Shao was delighted to hear this, and kissed Luo Ge proactively.

On the last night of staying in the mortal world, Luo Ge accompanied Liu Shao to release a prayer lamp, and made a promise to stay together forever. In an instant, a strange image suddenly appeared in Xianju, thousands of dots and stars, Xianweng speculated that Luo Ge had realized his mind, understood the world, and glimpsed the threshold of God for the first time, indicating that it is very likely that he will be promoted to the High God.

The immortals welcome Luo Ge back to the fairy house. Luo Ge thinks of Luo Ning who is still in the world, and Liu Shao is willing to go to Yaoque. Mr. A Fu didn’t want Luo Ning to leave him, and deliberately showed weakness to make Luo Ning feel distressed, and agreed to accompany him back to the Shui Clan. That night, Luo Ning didn’t reject Mr. A Fu, but because of his love, he privately decided for life.

Afterwards, A Fujun took Luo Ning back to the Jishui tribe, showed her his room, and began to imagine the scene of living together here. The demon king in white suddenly appeared, seeing the love between Mr. A Fu and Luo Ning, he knew it in his heart. When Luo Ning heard that Liu Shao had come to Yao Que, she excitedly ran to see her.

Liu Shao knows that Luo Ning has a deep love for A Fujun, but the love between fairy and demon is doomed to twists and turns, Luo Ning is not afraid of this, she thinks her brother and Liu Shao are the best proof. Luo Ning passed under the whirling tree, and unexpectedly felt the empathy of the whirling tree, and also felt a little familiar. Liu Shao took the initiative to tell the story of the demon king and the demon queen, and suggested that Luo Ning first confirm whether Mr. A Fu is sincere to her, and don’t follow in the footsteps of Fairy Zeshui.

Because of this, Luo Ning used the fragrance as an excuse to find out about Mr. A Fu’s mind. The demon king in white sees that Mr. A Fu is interested in Luo Ning, and also knows that the two are married, so he wants to pass on the position of the demon king to him, and then he can go to Xianju to propose marriage. However, Mr. A Fu duplicity, said that he was close to Luo Ning’s real purpose, nothing more than wanting to take revenge on Xianju through her, Luo Ning was heartbroken when he heard about it.

Luo Ge blamed Shang Yurong for taking the willow shoot talisman for taking the risk, then took the talisman back, and used spiritual power to strengthen the formation and stabilize the Four Seasons Monument. The demon king in white found a six-star Miaohua formation for Liu Shao. This formation can seal Yaoling Yuanshen and avoid conflict with Luoge’s spiritual power, but it requires the tears of a half-demon.

Luo Ning followed A Fujun all the way to the hut in the outskirts of the world, and was shocked to find that Baifeng was actually hidden here by A Fujun. At the beginning, Baifeng was injured by Zhuo Qiuxian’s lightning whip and his eyes fell off the cliff. Mr. A Fu frozen Baifeng in time to hide his breath and avoid Xianju’s search. Now Mr. Afu wakes up Baifeng and orders her to continue destroying the relationship between Liu Shao and Luo Ge at the cost of healing her eyes.

Luo Ning saw this scene clearly, and finally realized that Mr. Afu’s city is quite deep, and he designed everyone, including himself, from the very beginning. Because of Bai Feng’s serious crimes, Luo Ning didn’t want to kill anyone himself, so he simply destroyed the medicine in Bai Feng’s hand after Mr. A Fu left.

Luo Ge failed to cleanse his heart, and was repeatedly obstructed. Hei Yueguang’s voice lingered in his ears, and distracting thoughts and evil thoughts grew and spread along with his voice. However, Luo Ge knew that ordinary hostility alone would not allow Hei Yueguang to come and go freely. He feared that there would be another accident in the future, and vowed to find a way to completely restore the Four Seasons Monument as soon as possible.

Mr. A Fu was still diligently collecting the glazed cups that Luo Ning liked, but found that Luo Ning’s attitude changed suddenly, and he said that it was against the law of heaven to fall in love with a fairy and a monster. From now on, they will return to their respective lives without any intersection. Faced with Luo Ning’s refusal, Mr. A Fu tried to persuade him to stay but failed, believing that Liu Shao was playing tricks on him.

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