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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 11 Recap

Eunuch Sun told Xiao Duo that the owner of Menglu is named Meng Jieyu, who is both talented in color and art, as long as he asks Meng Jieyu to give him advice and let Bu Yinlou learn some music and dances to please men, Long Live God will naturally be happy. Tong Yun overheard these words and relayed them to Bu Yin Lou. After speaking, Xiao Duo suddenly appeared and said that he would not send her to such a place.

But Bu Yinlou seems to have misunderstood Xiao Duo, accusing others of being considerate of him before, but treating himself as a fool behind his back. Both of them were angry, and neither of them would bow their heads. In the end, Buyinlou was annoyed and took the initiative to go to Menglu. Xiao Duo naturally didn’t want Buyinlou to go to such a place of fireworks, but the matter has come to this point, and he doesn’t know how to save it.

Early the next morning, Buyinlou took Tongyun to Menglu, and angrily did not say goodbye to Xiao Duo. As soon as they arrived in Menglu, the two saw the dancing posture of the host Meng Jieyu with their own eyes. There is a strange rule in this Menglu, if you want to see Meng Jieyu’s true face, you must throw a bouquet of flowers on the flower window, as long as you guess Meng Jieyu’s mind, you can see him. But no one expected that Buyinlou became a guest of Mengjieyu with a branch picked up at random.

Bu Yinlou’s sweet words coaxed Meng Jieyu into a smile, and took the opportunity to propose to her as a teacher. Meng Jieyu didn’t want to accept another apprentice, but when she saw Bu Yinlou’s unattractive figure, she suddenly became interested and decided to teach her well. And Bu Yinlou has already figured it out now, she can’t always rely on Xiao Duo, she has to learn to be independent. So she has made up her mind to study hard.

But she never expected that she would meet Yuwen Liangxu here. It turned out that Yuwen Liangxu wanted to win Wanwan’s favor, but he had no choice but to have no experience in love, so he went to Menglu to ask Xie Yuhua for advice. Bu Yinlou felt that Yuwen Liangxu had other plans, so he secretly persuaded Meng Jieyu to accept him as an apprentice, so that he could see what medicine he sold in his gourd. Buyinlou also gave Yuwen Liangxu some bad ideas, and made him get beaten by Wanwan. But this Yuwen Liangxu was not angry at all, and he was glad that Wanwan finally paid attention to him.

After these few days of secret observation, Bu Yinlou can be sure that he is really careful and considerate of the gentleman’s belly, but the little prince is really as stupid as he looks. On this day, this silly prince did another stupid thing. He got up early and went to the peach grove to pick a large bunch of peach blossoms. Seeing someone destroying flowers, Wanwan was naturally angry. But when she saw the scars on Yuwen Liangxu’s face, and heard his straight ball confession, she couldn’t help but soften her heart.

And Meng Jieyu was also moved by Yuwen Liangxu’s persistence, and really taught him a way-close the door and see no visitors. Because there are loving men and women in this world, what they are most afraid of is thinking too much. Yuwen Liangxu had already made Wanwan’s impression, so she sat and waited quietly, which would make Wanwan think too much. Hearing these words, Bu Yinlou was in a daze, but no one knew who she was thinking about at the moment.

After this period of hard work and hard work, Buyinlou has learned some dances that are as graceful as a flying dragon, and trained to have bright eyes, kind eyes, and tenderness. Whether it is a look or a gesture, others can feel it. affection. Because Xiao Duo was worried about Buyinlou, he took control of Menglu on the grounds of prostitution. It was inconvenient for Meng Jieyu to come forward in this situation, so he had to let Bu Yinlou go to the flower window to attract customers on his behalf.

On this day, Buyinlou danced on the flower window with his face covered, and won bursts of applause. Among them, there is also Cao Chunang who doesn’t know the truth. It wasn’t until Tongyun explained that he finally understood that the person who winked at the flower window just now was actually his family’s Concubine Duan, Bu Yinlou.

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