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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 9 Recap

When Bu Yinlou returned to his room, he saw Tong Yun squatting inside. After asking, he found out that Eunuch Liu had taken away all the valuables in the house. Before Bu Yinlou had time to be surprised, he found that Tong Yun was hot all over.

She quickly helped Tong Yun to bed to rest, and then went out to find medicine. But the father-in-law in charge of the medicine told Bu Yinlou that he still needs to ask Eunuch Liu what he means on this matter. Bu Yinlou had no choice but to move to look for Eunuch Liu. Not surprisingly, the other party tried every means to shirk, but refused to give medicine.

Bu Yinlou had no choice but to pretend to take out his jade unintentionally. Eunuch Liu saw that there was Xiao Duo’s private ring seal on the jade, so he couldn’t help suspecting that Buyinlou was Xiao Duo’s opponent. It is important to take the medicine right now, Bu Yinlou did not deny it. Sure enough, Eunuch Liu hurriedly went to get the medicine, and even found someone to take care of Tong Yun. But after checking the accounts of Buyin Building, it was found that Xiao Duo did not send money into it. Eunuch Liu was suspicious for a while, so he asked Li Pingru to go and check.

Xiao Duo took Yuwen Liangxu’s jade and went to various strongholds, and stuffed his own people inside. At this moment, Cao Chun’an walked in with a straight face, holding a stack of ledgers in his hand. Cao Chun’an told Xiao Duo that these were sent by Eunuch Liu.

It turns out that Eunuch Liu has been serving Buyinlou with delicious food and drinks these few days, the purpose is to make her spend more than her budget, so it is logical to test Xiao Duo’s excuses. Before Xiao Duo could react, Cao Chun’an sent another breaking news – Bu Yinlou actually said that she was his opponent. Xiao Duo noticed that Buyin Building had encountered a problem, so he hurried to the imperial tomb.

The weather is bright and the sun is just right. Bu Yinlou and Tong Yun were sitting in the yard playing leaf cards boredly, unaware that someone was spying on them behind them. When Tong Yun asked about food, Bu Yinlou quickly denied it and said some unpleasant things. When Li Pingru, who was hiding in the distance, heard these words, she became furious and told Eunuch Liu about it.

After a while, Eunuch Liu came with people and showed off his might in front of Buyinlou. Bu Yinlou couldn’t take it anymore, so he kicked Eunuch Liu hard. Eunuch Liu was even more annoyed, and scuffled with Buyinlou. But at this moment, Murong Gaogong suddenly appeared and rescued Buyinlou. Unexpectedly, Xiao Duo came to the rescue together.

Murong Gaogong was worried that Buyinlou would be injured in the imperial tomb, so he planned to take her back to the palace. It’s hard to come out, how can Buyinlou want to go back and be a caged bird. But Murong Gaogong is now the Lord of Long Live, her refusal doesn’t seem to be of much use. The atmosphere became very awkward for a while, so Xiao Duo proposed to take a walk in the imperial tomb to relax. In order to dispel Murong Gaogong’s idea of ​​bringing him back to the palace, Buyinlou deliberately brought them to the grave, and also called a group of concubines and maidservants to play cards on it, pretending to be aggressive.

This scene really scared Murong Gaogong enough, he couldn’t believe that it was something that a boudoir could do. Xiao Duo suggested to him that it is better to use an excuse to take Buyinlou out of the imperial tomb, and then arrange a few nuns to teach her. Murong Gaogong accepted Xiao Duo’s suggestion and decided to let Bu Yinlou live in Xiao Duo’s yard first.

Hearing that Buyinlou was favored by Lord Long Live, Buyinge, the daughter of Bufu’s prostitute, was dissatisfied. It was originally not Buyinlou but Buyinge that was going to be sent to the palace, and Buyinge also took it for granted that everything that belongs to Buyinlou should be her own. No matter how she thought about it, she felt unhappy, so she let Mrs.

Bu go to the imperial tomb to find out. As soon as Mrs. Bu entered the door, she saw Li Pingru cleaning alone, while the people next to her were still gossiping, saying that Li Pingru was punished because she offended Buyinlou. Mrs. Bu seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly sent someone to the carriage to get the gift. She also deliberately talked to Li Pingru, and secretly encouraged Li Pingru to trip up Buyinlou at the mausoleum sacrifice.

On the day of the Mausoleum Festival, Buyinlou, as a concubine, naturally had to hold the late emperor’s clothes with her own hands. Just as she was walking in front of Li Pingru, she was suddenly tripped by someone. Fortunately, Xiao Duo made a timely move, so the rules were not broken. Li Pingru knew that she was doomed, so she went all out to die with Buyinlou. But she overestimated her ability, and was caught by the guards within two strokes.

After the ceremony, Bu Yinlou asked after some inquiries and found out that Li Pingru had been blaming him for not saving her that night. Bu Yinlou also felt guilty about this, but she is not a god and cannot respond to everything. Thinking of the old love in the past, Buyinlou let Li Pingru go home. After Li Pingru calmed down, she finally figured out something. Before leaving, she reminded Bu Yinlou to be careful with Mrs. Bu.

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