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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 10 Recap

Ever since he moved into Xiao Duo’s mansion, Buyinlou has lived a very luxurious life, even when he travels daily, someone carries a sedan chair. On this day, she was “walking” in the yard, but unexpectedly saw a familiar pear tree. Xiao Duo told Bu Yinlou that he transplanted it from the palace on purpose, and wanted to keep her company. Hearing this, Buyinlou couldn’t think of anything to reply for a while, so he ran under the pear tree to enjoy the flowers. Unexpectedly, Xiao Duo stopped her suddenly, and took off the pistil on her head for her.

On this day, Wanwan was invited by Xiao Duo to go to Xiao’s mansion, but she didn’t know that Yuwen Liangxu was hidden among the accompanying maids. After Xiao Duo learned about this, he didn’t stop him, and planned to use his plan to see what the little prince was going to do.

Wanwan also felt that it was inappropriate for Murong Gaogong to marry Buyinlou, so she promised Xiao Duo that she would try to stop him. After everyone left, Yuwen Liangxu finally couldn’t hold back, and went to find the toilet with his hands on his stomach, but unexpectedly, he was regarded as a thief by Steward Zheng. Yuwen Liangxu panicked and ran to the room in Buyin Building, but was knocked unconscious by her with a stick.

Yuwen Liangxu told Xiao Duo that he did not infiltrate the mansion for the assassination, but for the pleasure of his heart. Hearing this, Wanwan suddenly became angry, rushed into the room and pointed at Yuwen Liangxu’s nose and cursed. The two talked to each other, and the scene was a little chaotic for a while. Yuwen Liangxu said that in a hurry, he actually suspected that Wanwan and Xiao Duo had an unusual relationship. Bu Yin subconsciously speaks for Xiao Duo, and Jiu Lang who is beside him quickly takes Yu Wen Liang Xu down, and the chaos ends.

After everyone left, Xiao Duo asked Buyinlou why he had to explain to himself just now. Bu Yinlou’s words were ahead of his mind, and he actually said that he liked Xiao Duo the most. After she reacted, she quickly changed the subject. But which pot she didn’t open and which pot she lifted, she even used Xiao Duo’s status as a servant to make an issue. Xiao Duo was furious, but he couldn’t explain anything. Bu Yinlou also sensed Xiao Duo’s anger, and quickly ran away before he exploded.

On this day, Wanwan persuaded Murong Gaogong by raising flowers. What kind of water and soil can grow what kind of flowers, the water and soil of the palace can only grow rich and noble flowers, and wild flowers like hibiscus can grow freely and vigorously only in the vast world. Murong Gaogong understood Wanwan’s implication, but he was unwilling to let go.

He had always been just an inconspicuous prince, and he only wanted to live in peace, but for the sake of Buyinlou, he walked step by step to where he is today, and sat on the throne that did not belong to him. For him, this imperial city was too dark to see any light, but Buyinlou was the light in his heart. Seeing Murong Gaogong like this, Wanwan suddenly softened her heart and agreed to help him bring the Buyin Tower into the palace.

In order to train Buyinlou into the appearance that Murong Gaogong likes, Eunuch Sun specially invited several nuns to Xiao’s residence. At this time, Buyinlou is enjoying the future in the yard, and has not realized that his good days are over. After seeing several nuns, Buyinlou grasped Cao Chun’an’s hand tightly in fright, and asked where Xiao Duo was. But before Cao Chun’an could answer, Buyinlou was spanked by the nanny.

Xiao Duo walked out of the room calmly, and casually raised his hand to make the prisoner’s life worse than death. Then he straightened his sleeves a little, and easily knocked down the rest of the prisoners one by one. After finishing the work, he patted his clothes lightly and asked his subordinates to arrange them carefully so that no one would discover this stronghold. Cao Chunang hurried over and told him what happened today. Xiao Duo panicked immediately, and planned to go back to the house immediately to rescue Buyinlou, but unexpectedly, he was called away by Wanwan halfway.

When Wanwan was going to be sent to marry, it was Xiao Duo who came up with the idea behind her back, which allowed her to win the Queen Mother’s favor and stay in Daye. Therefore, if the people in the palace want to survive, they must get the protection of the superiors. Wanwan knows that Xiao Duo intends to protect the Buyin Tower, but in this deep palace, he is no match for the Lord Long Live. Xiao Duo didn’t understand this truth, but he didn’t fully agree with Wan Wan’s words.

Buyinlou was being chased by several nuns, no matter how much she begged for mercy, it would not help. At this moment, Xiao Duo suddenly appeared. Bu Yinlou ran towards Xiao Duo without thinking, but unexpectedly tripped over a stone and fell hard. Xiao Duo was out of breath and blamed it on the nanny. Mammy was not convinced, so she packed up her things and left, and said she would plead guilty in front of Tai Sui.

After a while, Xiao Duo was called into the palace. At this time, Xiao Duo knew that it was Eunuch Sun who decided to ask the nanny to teach Buyinlou. When Murong Gaogong learned that Buyinlou had been wronged, he hurried to visit Xiao’s mansion. In order not to be tortured by the nanny, Bu Yinlou deliberately pretended to be a lady. Although Murong Gaogong liked Buyinlou like this, he deeply felt her alienation and politeness towards him.

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