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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 12 Recap

On that day, King Langya stood on the execution platform, white robes flying, Li Xinyue came up with a sword, his face was frosty, and 30,000 Langya troops were standing by outside the city. The Langya army entered the apocalypse. Li Hanyi suddenly appeared with the sword pointing to Emperor De, and threatened to take away Langya King and Li Xinyue. Langya King killed himself on the spot to avoid unnecessary sacrifice.

After the incident ended, Li Xinyue’s vitality was seriously injured, and she returned to Jianzhong to spend the last period of her life. Among the many courtiers and princes in Tianqi City, only Xiao Se spoke out for King Langya, defending alone in the palace, his voice was passionate, touching, and even the old officials shed tears, but finally aroused the holy wrath. Back then, King Langya hoped that the tokens of the four guardians of the apocalypse would be passed on and continue to assume the responsibility of guardianship. Li Hanyi handed the token of the Qinglong to Lei Wujie, explaining that he would be the Eastern Qinglong from then on.

Just because the news of Xiao Se and Wuxin traveling together spread all over the Jianghu and even Tianqi, Emperor Mingde felt vaguely uneasy. In order to find out the truth, he specially invited Xiao Chong, the white king who suffers from eye diseases and has a stable personality, to go to Xueyue City in person. . Emperor Mingde promised that as long as Xiao Se was willing to come back, he would be exempt from his crimes, restore his status as a prince, and retake the throne of King Yong’an.

Early in the morning, Lei Wujie brought shocking news to Xiao Se. Sikong Qianluo, the daughter of the second lord of Xueyue City, Sikong Changfeng, is going to compete in martial arts to recruit relatives three days later. Xiao Se was puzzled, and asked why he had to go back to the Duan family in Jiangnan three years ago, when Sikong Qianluo was married to Ji, the young master of the Duan family in Jiangnan came to propose marriage, and invited the elders of ten sects to be witnesses, and the dowry was extremely rich.

Sikong Changfeng looked down on Duan Xuanyi, so he simply thought of a plan to delay the fight, and postponed the martial arts competition until three years later, but all Xueyue City disciples who participated were better than Sikong Qianluo. Although Tang Lian and Lei Wujie were both annoyed by the Duan family brothers and did not want Sikong Qianluo to marry any of them, but they each had their own interests, and they were afraid that they would make Tiannurui and Ye Ruoyi angry by helping on stage.

It was also because of the difficulty of this matter that even Sikong Changfeng was devastated and had no choice but to seek help from Yin Luoxia. Yin Luoxia’s apprentice, Luo Mingxuan, is considered to be the youngest talent in the entire Xueyue City, especially under the tutelage of Luoxia’s Broken Goose Palm, which can split the Yangtze River with one palm, which is hard for ordinary disciples to match.

Naturally, Luo Mingxuan refused to take part in the martial arts competition, and lied that he already had a woman he liked, but under Yin Luoxia’s persuasion, he finally agreed to lose to Sikong Qianluo as long as he agreed to the Duan brothers. At the same time, Sikong Changfeng looked solemn after receiving the news that a distinguished guest surnamed Xiao was about to visit Xueyue City.

The guard Zang Ming worried that Xiao Se would become a stumbling block for Xiao Chong to seize the heir, and guessed that he appeared in Xueyue City, and it was very likely that he wanted to use the power of Xueyue City to return to Tianqi.

Xiao Chong did not jump to conclusions hastily, he wanted to meet this anonymous younger brother first. That night, Lei Wujie and Tang Lian took the initiative to come to Xiao Se to discuss countermeasures. Regarding the martial arts competition and recruiting relatives, they also hoped that Xiao Se would make a little sacrifice for the friendship of the Xueyue Four Heroes.

On the day of the martial arts competition to recruit relatives, Duan Xuanheng took the lead and defeated all the disciples with ease. Until Luo Mingxuan came to the stage to challenge, he struck Luoxia Duanyan cleanly and instantly knocked Duan Xuanheng off the stage, and he was also scratched by the sharp sword on his palm.

Xiao Chong’s team had already arrived at the gate of the martial arts arena, but he didn’t go in for a long time, the purpose was to observe Xiao Se secretly. On the other hand, Duan Xuanyi couldn’t help but rushed to the stage to fight Luo Mingxuan, his skill was obviously better than his younger brother. According to Luo Mingxuan’s usual level of martial arts, defeating Duan Xuanyi would be no problem at all, but Duan Xuanheng had already smeared poison on the blade, causing him to be seriously injured. Yin Luoxia had no choice but to declare Duan Xuanyi the winner, and handed Luo Mingxuan to Sikong Changfeng Heal and detoxify.

At this moment Xiao Se came out slowly and alone, although his lightness kung fu of stepping on the clouds had improved, Zang Ming and Xiao Chong could not feel a trace of internal strength, and believed that he had indeed lost all his martial arts. Xiao Se threw two thunderbolts in succession, Duan Xuanyi was caught off guard and retreated again and again, just when he thought Xiao Se had no other way out, unexpectedly Xiao Se threw out Tang Lian’s Three Ways of Hades, and Duan Xuanyi was completely defeated.

Xiao Se won the championship, and when he saw Sikong Qianluo, he immediately announced his surrender. Everyone in the Duan family was astonished when they heard the words, and then angrily scolded Xueyue City for deliberately playing a match-fixing match, and the two sides were at war with each other. Seeing that the time had come, Xiao Chong appeared in person to calm the turmoil. Everyone knelt down to worship, but Xiao Se stood upright and looked straight at Xiao Chong.

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