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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 26 Recap

Because Liu Zhi had already taken out five talismans, the sixth one meant that Liu Zhi would have to bear huge damage. Seeing that the Four Seasons Monument was loose and was about to crack, Shang Yurong had no choice but to take Wanzai and Liuliguo to find Liushao, and Zhuo Qiuxian, Xianweng and others rushed to suppress it. However, Hei Yueguang’s hostility was getting heavier and heavier, and just as the fairy was about to lose his hold, fortunately Shang Yurong appeared in time to control the Stele of Four Seasons.

Luo Ge saw that the weather was changing abnormally, and learned what happened to Liu Zhi through Long Live. When he found Liu Zhi, she was already very weak. Liu Shao didn’t want to die in front of Luo Ge, so she went to Xianju to find Phoenix Tears, hoping that Luo Ge would forget about herself after taking it, so she wouldn’t have to endure the torture of Soul Eater Curse anymore.

Liu Shao was ready to say goodbye, but Xiaoxue brought news that Wang Jian was taken away by the big demon. It turned out that in order to nourish Luo Ning, Mr. Afu specially caught some human masters to extract the demon essence from his body. Luo Ning resolutely refused and asked Ah Fu to let these people go. At this time, Luo Ge and Liu Shao came to save them.

Luo Ning was very happy to see his brother, but Luo Ge didn’t remember Luo Ning at all. Liu Shao briefed the situation and handed Liuliguo to Luo Ning for healing. Because of this, Luo Ning did not return to Xianju immediately after recovering, but wanted to stay with A Fu Jun for a longer time, and A Fu Jun proposed to take her back to the Shui Clan.

The white-clothed demon finds out that Xie Yin instigated the little demons to collect Yaoyuan everywhere in the world, so he has to go to the mortal world to find Liu Shao, and truthfully inform the people of the dire situation. Therefore, if he wants to recover Xie Yin, he must rely on Luo Ge’s power. Liu Shao has already decided to donate the seventh blood talisman, and also kept the white-clothed monster a secret, she just wants to be with Luo Ge for one more day.

Then Liu Shao prepared a whole table of food, and poured Phoenix’s tears into the wine glass while Luo Ge was not paying attention. Luo Ge sensed that Liu Zhi was not in the right state, so he drank the wine that Liu Shao handed over without hesitation, expressing that he didn’t care about his status at all, whether it was in the fairy house or in the world, as long as Liu Shao could be by his side.

After hearing these words, Liu Shao couldn’t help hugging Luo Ge, and the two kissed sadly. Immediately after the phoenix tears took effect, Luo Ge felt heart-piercing pain, Liu Shao cast a spell to knock Luo Ge unconscious, and returned Wang Ling, Wang Yueling merged into one, and she was looking for In order to break the Soul Eater Curse.

Long live awakened Luo Ge, and accidentally discovered that the Soul-eating Curse was afraid of Phoenix Tears, and actually ran out of the body by itself. But if there is no Soul-eating Curse, Phoenix Tears will make Luo Ge forget the willow stalks. Luo Ge is unwilling to do so, and forces the Soul-Eating Curse back into his body, and finally fights the poison with poison, and successfully breaks the Soul-Eating Curse.

At the same time, Liu Shao followed the white-clothed demon king to the spiritual fire forest in Marquis Wuyang’s mansion. Since Liu Shao picked the spiritual fire last time, the woods were completely deserted. While Liu Shao was talking with Luo Ge, Xie Yin suddenly attacked them, and the demon king in white was restrained instead of the enemy, and even Liu Shao became a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Because Xie was very interested in the true essence of the two, he planned to strip the true essence and dedicate it to Black Moon. At the critical moment, Luo Ge appeared and stabbed Xie Yin, only to see that Xie Yin instantly turned into a black mist. Out of embarrassment and anger, Xie mocked Luo Ge for being emotional as an immortal, and Luo Ge directly dispersed the black mist with a palm.

In an instant, the world is full of vitality, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, the fairy world is full of aura, and the hostility disappears without a trace. Xiyin Mountain no longer sinks, and the enchantment of the Four Seasons Monument has also become stable. The immortals were overjoyed when they saw this. They knew that Luo Ge had succeeded in this calamity and returned to the position of Shangxian.

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