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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 8 Recap

After bidding farewell to Wanwan, Xiao Duo hurriedly prepared to rush to the imperial mausoleum. But as soon as he went out, there was thunder rolling in the sky. But even so, Xiao Duo still went to the appointment. On the other side, Buyinlou was also waiting at the gate of the imperial mausoleum early, even if it was pouring rain, she still waited with an umbrella.

The rain was pouring down, bit by bit disturbing Buyinlou’s heart. Bu Yinlou stood at the gate of the imperial mausoleum and waited for a long time, even though it was raining for a long time, Xiao Duo was nowhere to be seen. She couldn’t help guessing that Xiao Duo must be playing tricks on her on purpose. But thinking about it, Xiao Duo suddenly walked in. Bu Yinlou felt a little embarrassed at once, but after seeing the paper kite Xiao Duo took out, she was even more puzzled.

Before Buyinlou could understand these things, Xiao Duo took her to Fushui Town overnight. It turned out that Xiao Duo still remembered what Buyinlou said when he first arrived at the imperial mausoleum that day. This Bufu mansion is in Fushui Town not far from the imperial mausoleum, but Buyinlou cannot leave because of his status. But when they really arrived at Bufu, Buyinlou couldn’t be happy. At the beginning, my mother only wanted to let Buyinlou grow up quickly and leave the cage of Bufu, but Buyinlou entered the palace behind her back. Bu Yinlou was afraid that his mother would not forgive him, so he couldn’t help but feel a little tangled in his heart.

Under Xiao Duo’s persuasion, Buyinlou stepped into the courtyard of Bufu. But after searching for a long time, there was no trace of my mother. After Bu Taifu saw Buyinlou, he was not surprised at all, but instead wanted to drag her to the county government to confess her guilt. Fortunately, Xiao Duo appeared in time and rescued Buyinlou. After exchanging a few simple greetings, Buyinlou and Xiao Duo left Bufu. Before leaving, Master Bu gave Xiao Duo a landscape painting. There are indeed landscape paintings in the box, but there are a few extra gold leaves. Bu Yinlou was so angry that he picked up the landscape painting and threw it on the ground.

After what happened today, Xiao Duo finally understood how Buyinlou was in the past, and why she hid her edge and pretended to be clumsy. The armor he had been hiding to protect himself was pierced by Xiao Duo in an instant, Bu Yinlou became furious and got out of the carriage immediately. Bu Yinlou thought for a moment, and decided to ask Xiao Duo face to face, what is the meaning of doing this for himself. Seeing that Xiao Duo didn’t answer, Bu Yinlou couldn’t help guessing that Xiao Duo really wanted to be his sister.

Under Xiao Duo’s comfort, Buyinlou’s heart suddenly cleared up, and he planned to play here for a while. The two went boating on the lake, drinking wine and admiring the moon. It was very pleasant. Bu Yinlou was so drunk that he talked to Xiao Duo about his childhood. When she was young, other children always bullied her, saying that she was a child without a father. But one day, her father took her by the hand and came to a big house. She thought she had lived a happy life. But after arriving at the big house, she and her mother didn’t like that house, because they both wanted to be a free person, and that house was just a cage to them. As he said that, Bu Yinlou fell drunk in Xiao Duo’s arms and fell into a deep sleep.

On the other side, Tong Yun was very worried about Buyinlou, so he had a drink with Cao Chunang. But unexpectedly, she was so drunk that she passed out. In the middle of the night, Li Ping came here in a panic and asked for help from Buyinlou. Tong Yun woke up suddenly, but didn’t know what to do for a while. When Buyinlou came back, Li Pingru had been tortured by Eunuch Liu to the point where she could only curl up in a corner alone. Seeing Li Pingru like this, Buyinlou feels distressed and blames himself, but now Li Pingru seems to be a different person, actually relying on Eunuch Liu for his livelihood.

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