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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 25 Recap

Although Liu Shao has found Luo Ge, it is a pity that Luo Ge has lost all his memories, but he just vaguely feels that Liu Shao is very important to him, and often blurts out what Lu Li said unintentionally. Liu Shao hugged Luo Ge tightly, and she had already cried to the point of tears, but she knew that Luo Ge had to overcome the catastrophe and return to his throne, otherwise the Three Realms would be in complete chaos.

Later, Luo Ge learned a lot of things through Liu Shao, and Liu Shao discussed how to break the Soul Eater Curse, but Luo Ge didn’t want to go back to Xianju, and only wanted to be an ordinary couple with Liu Shao. Because of this, Liu Shao decided to take Luo Ge to see the catastrophe that the Three Realms were going through, and to help Wang Jian, Xiaoxue and others who were in distress.

Because Luo Ge is still a mortal body, he can’t cast spells at all, and even ordinary little monsters are difficult to deal with. Fortunately, Liu Shao took the initiative to solve these troubles, and thus learned that all the demons are doing evil in the world to snatch the real essence. Shang Yurong took the initiative to find Liu Shao and told Xianju that a talisman had to be taken from her body, and she could only suppress the Four Seasons Monument for three days. out of control.

Just when Shang Yurong was about to make a move, Luo Ge suddenly came and called out Liu Shao’s name. Liu Shao asked Shang Yurong to use the forbidden technique to prevent Luo Ge from hearing her painful voice. After the talisman was taken out, she became extremely weak. Liu Shao couldn’t bear to make Luo Ge worry, and lied that she had just fallen, and asked Luo Ge to hug her and leave.

The disciples of the Marquis of Wuyang Mansion waited for a long time in the forest, and when they saw Luo Ge appearing with willow shoots in their arms, they immediately knelt down to pay homage, thanking him for his previous contributions to the Three Realms, if Luo Ge had not reset the Marquis of Wuyang Mansion by himself. Barrier, the current world is unimaginable. Originally, Liu Shao wanted to evoke Luo Ge’s memory in this way, but it was useless.

The fairy king in white has calmed down the demon realm, and brought the Yaoyuan of the four great demon kings to Xianju, asking Xianju to fulfill his promise and release his younger brother A Fujun. But Mr. A Fu was not in Xianju at all, but accompanied Luo Ning to the world, took good care of her in every possible way, and bought the masks of the Demon King and Demon Queen together.

Because of Luo Ning’s pure nature, he was captured by the little demon’s spell by mistake, and wanted to seize the immortal yuan and offer it to Xie Yin. Mr. A Fu went on a killing spree for this, and when he found Luo Ning, Luo Ning had already taken half of his immortal essence. The demon king in white appeared in time and asked the little demon who was instigating him, but unexpectedly, the little demon turned into a hostile spirit and escaped.

Mr. A Fu refused to send Luo Ning back to Xianju, and took her to a safer place to recuperate. The demon king in white saw the blood beads left by Luo Ning in the meadow, and accidentally discovered that she was the descendant of Fairy Zeshui, who could touch the curse of the tribe. Luo Ning’s body was extremely weak, and Mr. Ah Fu was heartbroken, and suddenly Hei Yueguang’s voice came from his ear. Now he has possessed Xie Lingqi’s body, controlling the little demon with his mind to find spiritual power everywhere, A Fu Jun warned him not to touch Luo Ning again to fuel his hostility.

Luo Ge just wanted to live a simple ordinary life with Liu Shao, so with the help of Wang Jian and Xiaoxue, he found a farmhouse with beautiful mountains and rivers. After spending two beautiful and unforgettable days like this, the third day came immediately. Liu Shao felt faintly worried, but Luo Ge was addicted to growing vegetables and raising chickens. Soul Eater Curse.

Just three days after the Four Seasons Monument, it began to be unable to suppress the hostility, and even the effectiveness of the formation was weakening. Shang Yurong said that Liu Shao’s position at that time was the eye of the formation. Although her cultivation base was not high, she had the power of Yao Ling and could suppress the entire formation. Zhuo Qiuxian decided to take Liu Shao’s place to guard the formation, and Shang Yurong went down to earth again to find Liu Shao, in order to take out the sixth talisman from her body.

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