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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 24 Recap

Now Luo Ge is suffering from great pain because of the Yao Ling fragments on Liu Shao’s body. Knowing that all of this was caused by herself, Liu Shao took the initiative to hand over Wang Ling to Xian Weng, and troubled him to break Luo Ge’s concern, even if she forgot the past, it didn’t matter, because she really couldn’t bear to see Luo Ge suffer such torture .

Mr. Afu is about to leave Xianju and return to Yaoque, saying that he needs to come forward to calm down the incident of Jishui clan. Although Luo Ning misses Mr. Afu, he is still willing to trust him once. At the same time, Shang Yurong led people to search for Baifeng’s trace, but found that there was no trace of breath, guessing that it was very likely that he was escorted and protected by someone.

Luo Ning came to see Luo Ge in person, regretting that he and Liu Shao should not be separated. Luo Ge wanted Luo Ning to help return Wang Ling to Liu Shao, but Luo Ning refused, persuading him not to avoid facing Liu Shao. In the end, the white-clothed Yaojun passed Wangling on his behalf. Liu Shao noticed that the right hand of the white-clothed Yaojun was strange, and he held up the teapot with the discomfort in order to reassure Liu Shao.

When Mr. A Fu returned to the Jishui tribe, he found that the spirit vein of his brother’s right hand had been destroyed, and the meridian had been broken. In a fit of rage, he slaughtered all the Eagle tribe. Luo Ning sat alone in the room in a daze, his mind was full of whether Mr. Afu would come back as promised. Fortunately, Mr. Afu did not break his promise, and his appearance made Luo Ning very happy.

Luo Ning saw that A Fujun was injured and bandaged him himself, and A Fu Jun also brought back Danju from Yaoque. Back then, the demon king in white swallowed the blazing fire beads and suffered all day long, the food was tasteless. Later, Mr. Afu saw his brother eating a tangerine, and mistakenly thought that tangerine could relieve the pain of Lie Huozhu, so he cut down all the fruit trees in the orchard and planted tangerine exclusively, and then became Hana, thinking that his younger brother liked tangerine.

It was precisely this kind of brotherly affection that moved Luo Ning, and also reminded him of his brother. It’s just that there was an accident in Xianju some time ago, and Luo Ning took the initiative to tell A Fujun the ins and outs. A Fujun accidentally learned that Hana was injured by Liu Shao, and vowed to protect Liu Shao and Luo Ge. That night, half of the Moonlight God’s demonic heart manifested in front of A Fujun, and he promised to lift the curse of the Jishui tribe for him, on the condition that he would give 30% of his demonic power.

Because of having 30% demonic power, Black Moonlight repeatedly prevented Luo Ge from recuperating, which aggravated the Soul-eating Curse in his body, and finally became uncontrollable, causing Xiyin Mountain to fall down. In order to save the Three Realms, Luo Ge resolutely jumped off the cliff and went through the catastrophe again. Liu Shao followed desperately, but Shang Yurong had no time to stop him, so he could only leave his mark on her body.

Afterwards, Xian Weng and Shang Yurong led all the immortals to suppress the Four Seasons Monument together, but they didn’t notice a wisp of black energy escaping and hiding in Xie Lingqi’s body. Xie Lingqi suddenly seemed to have changed himself, threatening to use the power of Xie Yin to collect the gods, which would definitely make the immortals in Xianju pay the price, and then Xie Yin reappeared in the world, no longer a child.

Although the rupture of the Four Seasons Monument has been temporarily controlled, repairing it by rotation is not a long-term solution, especially since Xiyin Mountain is getting worse and worse. Once it sinks, it will affect the common people and suffer disasters. Shang Yurong recalled that Luo Ge arranged this formation. He once condensed seven talisman beads in Liu Shao’s body. Four of them were used before, and three remained in his body. If they were peeled off with the help of spells, it might be able to delay for a while.

The top priority is to find Liu Shao as soon as possible, but Liu Shao came to the world and relied on Wang Yueling to find Luo Ge. Just when she had no idea, she suddenly heard the people talking about someone selling pearls in Moon River, recalling the past, and rushed over immediately. Sure enough, Luo Ge was like selling beads back then, and the crowd dispersed, only Liu Shao offered to buy it for five thousand taels. Luo Ge was stunned when he heard the words, and met Liu Shao’s eyes, finally waiting for each other.

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