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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 23 Recap

Luo Ge finds the demon king in white, and through him learns that Luzhu hides the ruthless demon element, and confirms that Baifeng is the one who assassinated the fairy. At this moment, Bai Feng came to see Liu Shao in person and fought against her. Liu Shao tried to set up an array to trap Bai Feng, and questioned the mastermind behind the scenes, but was plotted against by Mr. A Fu, and her five senses were blocked.

Mr. Afu asked Baifeng to replace her, and Baifeng turned into a willow shoot, and put the willow shoot in the furnace. As long as she stays in the furnace for seven days, her soul will be dissipated and she will never exist again. Luo Ge sensed that Liu Shao was in danger, but he didn’t realize that the woman in front of him was Bai Feng. As for Bai Feng, he lied that he had obtained the ruthless demon yuan, and leaned weakly in Luo Ge’s arms.

While Luo Ge was taking care of him, Bai Feng mixed Yao Ling Shenyuan into the water, coaxing him to drink it without hesitation. When Luo Ge realized it, it was already too late, and he fell into a coma due to backlash. Bai Feng embraced the unconscious Luo Ge, stroked his cheek, showing an obsessive look of love.

Because of the success of the scheme, Baifeng first exposes Baifeng’s crimes to the fairy as Liu Shao, and then helps A Fujun find the Moon Sword. But Luo Ge had already set up an enchantment around him, not only did Mr. A Fu fail to get the Moon-Holding Sword, he was almost injured by the enchantment. Just as Mr. Afu was secretly annoyed, Luo Ning suddenly appeared and asked him whether he had anything to do with the spies of Xiyinshan.

A Fujun admitted that everything was for his brother, and he was willing to commit suicide to apologize. Seeing this, Luo Ning immediately stopped him, and simply forgave him for his mistake this time, and told him not to do anything to hurt Luo Ge and Xianju again. As soon as the words fell, Mr. Afu immediately made a promise, and Luo Ning secretly agreed.

Bai Feng hugged the unconscious Luo Ge to express her love, and deliberately stimulated the willow shoots in the furnace, tortured in every possible way. Liu Shao learned that Luo Ge was restrained by Bai Feng because of Yao Ling’s power, and tried to escape from the furnace but failed, so she had to send Wang Ling to Luo Ge. At this moment, Shang Yurong came to Chonghua Palace and was stopped by Baifeng. Although he had the same appearance as Liuzhi, his words and deeds aroused his suspicion.

Under the influence of Wangling, Luo Ge gradually regained his sobriety, but he couldn’t use his magic power, and he couldn’t break open the cauldron at all. Liu Shao became weaker and weaker, holding the water hyacinth lotus jade pendant tightly before he passed out, regretting not being able to see him become the demon king. Hana, who was busy with the battle, came in response, but it was difficult to extinguish the raging fire in the furnace with his own strength.

Just as the demon king in white was thinking about countermeasures, he suddenly received a message from Yao Que, and the eagle demon led his troops to attack the Jishui tribe. Faced with this emergency situation, the demon king in white decided to stay with Liu Shao. However, taking advantage of Bai Feng’s unpreparedness, Luo Ge used her Yao Yuan to lift the restriction on the furnace, and finally the three of them worked together to break open the furnace.

When Baifeng saw this, Baifeng wanted to escape, but was chased by Shang Yurong and others. Even though she had committed numerous crimes, she didn’t know how to reflect on herself. From Bai Feng’s point of view, at least she loves Luo Ge deeply, and she will not let him bear the pain of spiritual power, let alone bear the whip of thunder. As long as she can stay by Luo Ge’s side, the survival of the three worlds has nothing to do with her. Zhuo Qiuxian was too lazy to talk nonsense with Bai Feng, so he raised his long whip and knocked her off the cliff.

Luo Ge thanked the demon king in white for his help, and personally treated him for the wound of the demon fire. The demon king in white was eager to return to the demon gate to protect his people, but neglected to guard against being stabbed by the eagle demon. Although he successfully beheaded the leader of the Yu clan and recovered all the demons, he was seriously injured, and even if he saved his right arm, he could not continue to exert his spiritual power. In fact, the eagle demon alone is no match for the white-clothed demon at all. The catastrophe of the white-clothed demon is all due to willow shoots, which makes Lao Tai feel worthless for him.

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