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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 9 Recap

Minister Dai Wei arranged for Cheng Xiao to learn from Qiao Zhengyu, a pacesetter in ground handling, and asked Qiao Zhengyu to take Cheng Xiao through the process first, and Qiao Zhengyu asked Cheng Xiao to memorize all the procedures and weekly flights first. As the customers started to board the plane, Qiao Zhengyu immediately went into intense and orderly ticket checking work, while Cheng Xiao silently helped sort out the ticket stubs.

Cheng Xiao followed Qiao Zhengyu until very late, and the next flight had to start checking tickets half an hour later, and they didn’t even have time for dinner. Gu Nanting saw this scene from a distance, so he went to the nearby fast food restaurant to order. When Li Yuheng was off duty, she went to see Gu Nanting’s mother at home.

She came to open the door with a limp. Only then did Li Yuheng realize that she had fallen because of a cold and was weak, so he greeted her and called Gu Nanting immediately. The food was delivered to Cheng Xiao and Qiao Zhengyu, but she couldn’t leave the store, and Gu Nanting was anxious to go home to see his mother, so he had no choice but to give up.

Li Yuheng was busy taking care of Gu’s mother, and Gu Nanting then rushed home. Seeing that her mother was fine, she felt relieved, and Li Yuheng put away the broken photo frame. Gu Nanting wanted to find a nanny for his mother and persuade her to reduce her workload, but she wanted to make the job at hand perfect, so Gu Nanting no longer insisted. His mother thought that Gu Nanting and Li Yuheng were in a relationship, but Gu Nanting denied it.

Cheng Xiao was so busy that she got off work very late, and there was another flight leaving Hong Kong early tomorrow morning. She was worried that it would be too late, so she slept on the sofa in the office that night. Cheng Xiao watched the planes leaving and entering the port in the sky, with mixed feelings in her heart.

A week passed in a blink of an eye, and Cheng Xiao quickly adapted to the work of the ground staff. He was exhausted every day, and continued to study the service procedures when he went home. Xiao was transferred back to the flight department, Jiang Tao found all kinds of excuses to shirk.

Cheng Xiao was arranging transfer passengers when her father suddenly came to her. Cheng Xiao didn’t want his father to know that he was fined to work as a ground worker, so he lied about mobile learning to cover up the past. Give it to my father, let them live in their own rental house, my mother never took a plane, and my father couldn’t take the high-speed train for a long time because of his back pain, so the two had to come to Luzhou separately.

Cheng Xiao came to Jiang Tao to apply to return to the flight department. Jiang Tao pushed 625 and kicked her to Gu Nanting. Cheng Xiao thought that Gu Nanting deliberately made things difficult for her, so he had to leave angrily. Song Song took the initiative to help Gu Nanting sort out the data files. Gu Nanting asked him to be his assistant. Song Song took the opportunity to ask Cheng Xiao to return to the flight department. Cheng Xiao had been waiting outside for news. When she learned that she could not return to the flight department for the time being, her mood fell to the bottom.

Cheng Xiao went home dejected, and her mother found the ground service manual in her room. Guessing that she was transferred to the ground service department, she advised her to go back to Qingdao together, but Cheng Xiao flatly refused. The blood pressure rose, Cheng Xiao poured water and medicine for her, and then went back to the house without eating.

Gu Nanting called Cheng Xiao, but Cheng Xiao deliberately refused to answer and deleted him. That night, her father came to talk to Cheng Xiao. Cheng Xiao briefly described her experience of being transferred to the ground support department. Her father encouraged and comforted her, and Cheng Xiao felt very uncomfortable.

Cheng Xiao yearned for the blue sky since she was a child, and wanted to be a pilot who could fly freely in the sky. After the college entrance examination, her mother forced her to study law, but Cheng Xiao resolutely refused. Because of this, she had a big fight with her mother. Volunteering, let Cheng Xiao Law School, her father secretly transferred Cheng Xiao to the Flight Academy without telling her mother.

Cheng Xiao vowed to be a good captain and live up to her father’s expectations of her. Ni Zhan accidentally discovered that Cheng Xiao had been transferred to the ground support department, so he went directly to Gu Nanting to ask why, and learned that it was Jiang Tao’s arrangement. Gu Nanting wanted to wait for Xu Ce to return to China to leapfrog and apply for Cheng Xiao’s return to the flight department.

The flight to Guangzhou was delayed, and the passengers protested one after another. Cheng Xiao patiently explained to them. She found out that there was a thunderstorm on this flight segment, and the passengers were willing to give up. Gu Nanting came to see Cheng Xiao after get off work, but Cheng Xiao spoke coldly to her.

There was a mechanical failure on the plane to Guangzhou, which caused the flight to continue to wait. The passengers were all over the place. They questioned Cheng Xiao’s lie just now, but Cheng Xiao’s repeated explanations were useless. A customer poured a glass of water on her face.

Cheng Xiao suppressed the anger in her heart and did not break out. She called the police, but the passenger desperately stopped her. Gu Nanting came in time to pull the passenger away. After hearing the news, the police arrived and took the passenger back for questioning. Cheng Xiao was ashamed and asked Qiao Zhengyu for leave to make a statement.

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