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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Xiao called his parents for New Year’s greetings. His father wanted his mother to answer the phone, but Cheng Xiao didn’t want to hear his mother’s nagging, so he hung up the phone in fright. Gu Nanting was sitting by the sea, he had no time to enjoy the splendid fireworks and sea view, he called his mother to wish New Year, Ai Jia came to have a carnival with the crew, so he sat down and chatted with Gu Nanting.

Li Yuheng went to the restaurant for dinner early in the morning, and Gu Nanting happened to be there, Li Yuheng advised him to go to the beach to play, but Gu Nanting was not interested. After dinner, Gu Nanting wanted to go back to his room to rest, and saw Cheng Xiao driving a motorboat on the sea from a distance, Cheng Xiao suddenly jumped into the sea, Gu Nanting thought of his girlfriend drowning, he rushed to save her desperately, Li Yuheng followed closely behind.

Cheng Xiao was flying freely in the sea, not to mention how happy he was, Gu Nanting was worried that she would drown, and shouted for her to come up, but Cheng Xiao couldn’t hear her at all, Gu Nanting jumped into the sea and pulled her ashore, Cheng Xiao struggled desperately, Gu Nanting didn’t allow her to swim, let alone drive a motorcycle Cheng Xiao was unconvinced, she and Gu Nanting argued hard, the two had a quarrel, Cheng Xiao got angry and left, Li Yuheng reminded Gu Nanting to wash it under the fresh water pipe on the shore.

Two days later, Gu Nanting and the crew returned to Luzhou. Gu Nanting fined Cheng Xiao to stop flying for a week and deducted the monthly bonus. Cheng Xiao strongly protested. Platinum card passengers complained that Cheng Xiao caused the flight to be cancelled. Jiang Tao wanted to transfer Cheng Xiao to the ground handling department.

Gu Nanting strongly opposed it, but Jiang Tao had already contacted the ground handling department. Xia Zhi moved away from Cheng Xiao’s house, and gave Cheng Xiao the membership cards of various restaurants and members of video sites that he treasured, and the two said goodbye.

Jiang Tao announced the decision to deal with Cheng Xiao. Cheng Xiao admitted that she called the police and caused the flight delay, but she felt that she did the right thing. Gu Nanting took the initiative to take the responsibility for Cheng Xiao, but Cheng Xiao was still transferred to the ground staff. Xie Zetian felt sorry for Cheng Xiao, and advised Gu Nanting to accept the result of Cheng Xiao’s treatment.

Cheng Xiao once again had the idea of ​​resigning. She thought hard all night, and finally made up her mind. She brought the resignation letter to Gu Nanting early in the morning. Before Gu Nanting went to work, Cheng Xiao stuffed the resignation letter through the crack of the door.

Cheng Xiao left the company she was familiar with, and thought of leaving the blue sky she had dreamed of, she was so sad that she couldn’t bear to live. Cheng Xiao sent a message to discuss the rent issue with the landlord, telling her about the difficulties she encountered. Gu Nanting encouraged her to face it firmly and not to give up her ideals. Cheng Xiao was relieved a little, and she decided not to resign.

When Cheng Xiao saw Gu Nanting coming to work, she hurried to the office, trying to get the resignation letter out, but she couldn’t reach it because the distance was too far. When Gu Nanting came to the office, Cheng Xiao waited for him to open the door and took the resignation letter away. Gu Nanting let her Report to the ground crew tomorrow. Song Song and Xia Zhi came to comfort Cheng Xiao, Cheng Xiao vowed to do a good job and would come back soon.

Xia Zhi moved to live with Li Yuheng, Li Yuheng was afraid of having nightmares and would sleep in the same room with Xia Zhi, Xia Zhi readily agreed, and casually asked about her relationship with Gu Nanting, Li Yuheng blushed with embarrassment. Cheng Xiao got up early in the morning to go to work, and casually took off the small plane from the pilot’s uniform and put it on his chest. Cheng Xiao reported to the ground crew, and Dai Wei, the head of the Ground Service Support Department, took her to familiarize herself with the work.

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