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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 6 Recap

The more Cheng Xiao thought about it, the more unhappy he became. He wrote a letter of resignation overnight, and she sent it to Jiang Tao early in the morning. Xie Zetian saw her at the door and called her to the rooftop. Cheng Xiao had no choice but to put away the letter of resignation first.

Xie Zetian tried his best to persuade Cheng Xiao not to give up easily, and also revealed that Gu Nanting took the initiative to ask for punishment for Cheng Xiao, and also bear all the culpability. This was Gu Nanting’s first punishment, and Cheng Xiao couldn’t help being surprised. Gu Nanting called Song Song to understand the situation, and learned that the video was not sent by Cheng Xiao.

Li Yuheng was very nervous on the plane for the first time. She was worried about being made things difficult by the customers and the harsh captain. She complained to Gu Nanting, and Gu Nanting encouraged her and cheered for her. Cheng Xiao came to Gu Nanting to admit his mistake, willing to accept all the guilt, and not to implicate the person who posted the video, Cheng Xiao swore that she would be promoted soon.

Cheng Xiao applied to the designer to suspend the decoration of the second phase, but she couldn’t afford that much money for a while, so the designer had to give up. The Spring Festival is coming, Gu Nanting can’t accompany his mother to spend the New Year at home, so he made dumplings by himself and put them in the refrigerator. His mother advised him not to get too close to his work. Gu Nanting’s childhood dream was to be a pilot. He changed to become an airplane pilot in order to accompany his mother , the mother felt that she had implicated Gu Nanting.

Cheng Xiao has been depressed since returning home, Xia Zhi tried her best to make her happy, the two of them flew on the same flight for the first time, Xia Zhi was very happy. Cheng Xiao received a call from her father, who asked her to go back to Qingdao for the New Year, and her mother just came home, so she snatched the phone and gave Cheng Xiao a hard lesson.

Mother is a barrister, and she wanted Cheng Xiao to go to law school, but Cheng Xiao After becoming a pilot, the mother and daughter could not see each other several times a year, so the father hurriedly snatched the phone to rescue Cheng Xiao.

When it was time to pay the rent again, Cheng Xiao couldn’t get it all together, so he had to send a message to the landlord. The landlord was Gu Nanting. Gu Nanting agreed to give her a three-month reprieve. Cheng Xiao wanted to invite the landlord to dinner to express his gratitude, but Gu Nanting politely declined. A week later, Cheng Xiao officially took up the post as an observer, Gu Nanting was the captain of the flight, Song Song was the co-pilot, Xia Zhi and Li Yuheng were the flight attendants.

Xia Zhi comes to work in the company fully dressed. She stands in front of the mirror and wears ear acupuncture. Song Song rushes over with a coffee in his hand while talking on the phone. He had to yell, Song Song was in a hurry to go to the meeting, he left his name and left in a hurry. Xia Zhi found that the earrings fell on the ground, and she hurriedly squatted down to pick them up, but was caught by Ai Jia, who gave her a severe lesson.

Gu Nanting introduced the situation of the flight in detail to the crew, and everyone lined up to get on the plane and went to their respective posts. Ni Zhan personally inspected the plane, Gu Nanting greeted Ni Zhan, Ni Zhan asked Cheng Xiao to treat him to dinner, Cheng Xiao flatly refused, instead accused Ni Zhan of betraying her in Australia, and sued Gu Nanting for blackmail, Ni Zhan was confused.

Song Song was very excited when he flew a passenger plane for the first time, and took a selfie in the cockpit. Gu Nanting reminded him not to be impulsive, so as not to affect the operation of the plane. Passengers boarded the plane one after another. Gu Nanting found that the wiper was out of order, so he asked the crew to come over to repair it. The passengers were emotional and protested to the flight attendant. Ai Jia asked the flight attendant to stabilize the passengers’ emotions and gave everyone drinks and lunch.

A male passenger touched Li Yuheng, and Li Yuheng panicked. The wiper was finally repaired, Gu Nanting reported to the tower, and the tower arranged for him to take off in 20 minutes. Li Yuheng cried out in fright. Xia Zhi learned the whole story, so she came to the passenger to argue and asked him to apologize to Li Yuheng. The passenger denied it. Ai Jia and Cheng Xiao came to understand the situation after hearing the news.

Not only did the passenger not admit his mistake, but he also had plausible arguments. Cheng Xiao wanted to call the police and ask the police to do fingerprint identification. The passenger was immediately dumbfounded. He begged Cheng Xiao not to call the police. Cheng Xiao asked him to apologize to Li Yuheng, so he had to do so.

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