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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 5 Recap

After the training in Australia was over, Gu Nanting gave the students half a day off, and left tomorrow for the final training in China. Cheng Xiao and the Australian pilot agreed to have a simulator competition in the afternoon. She was full of confidence, and the students also cheered for her.

The game officially started, Kane sent a message to inform Gu Nanting that Gu Nanting wanted to stop the game, Kane asked him to wait and see, and Gu Nanting watched the whole process of the game in the observation room. The competition won two out of three rounds. Cheng Xiao, Song Song and Eric boarded the simulator respectively. Cheng Xiao and Song Song cooperated tacitly and successfully completed the flight. Cheng Xiao and Song Song won the first round. It was a blind drop competition. Cheng Xiao was calm and calm, and manually landed in the designated position accurately throughout the whole process. Eric won by a narrow margin.

In the critical third game, the wind should be changed. Gu Nanting suddenly asked the Australian referee to change to landing under the strong wind and turbulent flow. Cheng Xiao was full of confidence, and the students cheered for her together. Not long after the race started, the plane encountered strong winds and turbulence. Cheng Xiao calmly operated the plane and was about to land. Cheng Xiao remembered the last cargo plane landing. She decided to go around and Eric completed the landing first.

Gu Nanting showed an imperceptible smile, he was very appreciative of Cheng Xiao’s decision. Cheng Xiao was willing to gamble and admit defeat, and she was willing to accept the ice bucket punishment. The Australian pilot poured three buckets of ice water on her in a row. Cheng Xiao resisted and persisted, and the Australian pilot applauded her. Gu Nanting personally boiled the soup to prevent colds and asked Song Song to bring it to Cheng Xiao. Cheng Xiao resisted and finished it. She repeatedly reminded Song Song not to tell Gu Nanting about the game, but Gu Nanting also pretended not to know.

Gu Nanting took the students back to Wuxi Airport and asked them to complete the last training. Cheng Xiao completed it meticulously, Song Song was very nervous, Cheng Xiao cheered him on, and Song Song also completed it smoothly. Thirty days passed in a blink of an eye, Xia Zhi, Li Yuheng and other flight attendants passed the test and officially boarded the plane. Ai Jia handed over their badges to them, hoping that they would serve customers better in their future work.

All the trainees passed all the tests, Gu Nanting asked them to rest where they were, and announced the employment results three hours later. Gu Nanting submitted the test results of the trainees to Jiang Tao and Xie Zetian. Jiang Tao was very dissatisfied with Cheng Xiao, and took out a video of Cheng Xiao secretly filming Australian pilots mocking Chinese pilots. The foreign pilots were scolded by netizens, Jiang Tao insisted Cheng Xiao instigated foreign pilots to compete, but it ended in Cheng Xiao’s failure.

Gu Nanting defended Cheng Xiao, Jiang Tao firmly refused to allow Cheng Xiao to enter the flight department of the airliner, Xie Zetian suggested that Cheng Xiao should be appointed as the lowest-level co-pilot, Gu Nanting decided to demote Cheng Xiao as an observer, and Jiang Tao handed Cheng Xiao over to Gu Nanting for full management. Cheng Xiao received the designer’s drawings, she was very satisfied, and asked the designer to decorate according to the drawings, Song Song showed Cheng Xiao the video of the foreign pilot, Cheng Xiao felt that the influence was not good, and asked the sneak photographer Shaohui to delete the video.

Gu Nanting announced the final result, and all the trainees became co-pilots as they wished. Cheng Xiao was downgraded to observer two levels in a row. He had to complete 100 hours of flying missions to be eligible to apply for a co-pilot again. Cheng Xiao strongly protested. She ranked first in the test. She didn’t lose her physical fitness, so she went to Jiang Tao to complain. Jiang Tao put on a business-like attitude and asked Gu Nanting to be Cheng Xiao’s exclusive flight instructor.

Gu Nanting came to Xie Zetian to intercede for Cheng Xiao, Jiang Tao was firm, and Xie Zetian was helpless, he was worried that Cheng Xiao would pick someone up, so he wanted to talk to Cheng Xiao in person. Cheng Xiao went home and vomited bitterness to Xia Zhi, and she resigned in a fit of anger, Xia Zhi persuaded her well.

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