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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 11 Recap

After Cheng Xiao got off work, she happily invited her parents to dinner, and suddenly received a call from the real estate agency, only to find out that her mother had decided to sell the house she had worked so hard to buy without authorization. Cheng Xiao went directly to the house to talk to her mother, who asked her After selling the house and going back to Qingdao, Cheng Xiao resolutely refused to do it.

The mother and daughter had a quarrel when they disagreed. The mother took the bag and went to the train station in anger, and asked her father to go with her, otherwise she would never return to Qingdao. The father apologized to Cheng Xiao on behalf of his mother. Cheng Xiao wanted to decorate the house to surprise his father, and then picked him up, but it turned out to be a mess. His father tried to persuade Cheng Xiao.

Cheng Xiao received a call from the real estate agency early in the morning. She considered and decided to sell the house. Since Cheng Xiao blocked Gu Nanting, Gu Nanting couldn’t get through Cheng Xiao’s call, so he had to come to inform her to go back to the flight department. Cheng Xiao was happy Cheering for joy, I swept away the haze of the quarrel with my mother yesterday, and asked the agent to withdraw the advertisement for selling the house. Cheng Xiao sent a message to tell her father the good news, and his father was also happy for her.

Cheng Xiao returned to work in the flight department. She asked Gu Nanting for the schedule and vowed to make up for the flight time lost on the ground. Gu Nanting specially arranged different captains for her, so that she could become a mature and outstanding female captain as soon as possible. , Cheng Xiao is also full of confidence. Xu Ce called Gu Nanting suddenly, but Cheng Xiao couldn’t guess what happened, so he had to leave first.

The video of Gu Nanting helping Cheng Xiao at the boarding gate and having an argument with passengers was posted on the Internet. Although the public relations department responded in a timely manner, the matter caused a lot of repercussions. The company decided to revoke Gu Nanting’s position as the deputy director of the flight department and continue to retain the flight. The identity of the faculty member. Lin Yicheng asked Jiang Tao about Gu Nanting’s situation, Jiang Tao forbade him to inquire, but still told him about Gu Nanting’s suspension.

Gu Nanting was distraught, locked himself at home dejectedly, and refused to answer the phone, Ni Zhan came home to find him a drink to relax, Gu Nanting kept drinking, Ni Zhan saw that he was not suitable for an official career, but an official career is the only way for him to realize his ambition, Ni Zhan advised Gu Nanting not to push himself too hard, and talked about his college days.

Gu Nanting and Ni Zhan are both students of Huahan Civil Aviation College. They both love to play basketball. Ni Zhan’s cousin Luo Yi came to watch them play. She fell in love with Gu Nanting at first sight. Luo Yi also got into this university two years later. Start dating. Gu Nanting bought a house shortly after graduation. Luo Yi is studying in San Diego, USA. She sent Gu Nanting a pot of green plants to fill their house with green plants. Apply for leave to fly to the United States to accompany her.

Luo Yi started to fly solo as required, and Gu Nanting stood by the beach to cheer her on. Luo Yi lowered the plane to a very low level in order to let Gu Nanting take a photo with him, but was hit by a strong sea current and fell into the sea and died. Ni Zhan rushed over after hearing the news, and gave Gu Nanting a hard lesson. Gu Nanting used Jiu Jin to confide in Ni Zhan. Since Luo Yi’s death, Gu Nanting put flight safety above his life. He wanted to compile a complete safety operation manual, and Ni Zhan fully supported him.

Song Song personally made a lunch box and sent it to Gu Nanting, who asked him to continue to help sort out the data and documents. Song Song and Cheng Xiao flew with Xie Zetian, Song Song casually talked about Gu Nanting’s suspension, Cheng Xiao defended Gu Nanting’s injustice, and Xie Zetian was helpless. As soon as Cheng Xiao landed, he came to look for Gu Nanting.

Gu Nanting was not in the office, Cheng Xiao was worried, so he went to the playground to look for him, Gu Nanting was indeed running on the playground. Cheng Xiao deliberately poured out all the water in his thermos, and persuaded Gu Nanting not to abuse himself. Cheng Xiao felt that he had caused Gu Nanting to be suspended. Gu Nanting had already let go of it, and instead reminded her to record every flight data in detail.

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